When did organic and natural products get so hot?

Organic and natural food is the fastest-growing sector of the American food marketplace. Over the past 15 years, these health and wellness trends have transformed the retail sector, driven by trade, policy and consumer trends, including shoppers’ desire for healthy, environmental-friendly products.

To attract in-store traffic and remain competitive, CPG and retail companies must adapt to vocal consumer demand for natural and organic goods.

The following milestones show the explosive growth in natural and organic:

Range Me Natural_Organic_Infographic_FINAL


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  1. Good article and it speaks to our customer base of millennial and multicultural customers who are driving the industry to a 18 B shift and are the largest demo graph in the USA and the world.

    ( We R Hip Hop Foods and We Bring Hip Hop to the Table)

  2. I am a health and wellness freak! I’m old as dirt but I have taken care of myself and I’m young at heart and am a firm believer you are what you eat! I have taken a lot of fitness, wellness and nutrition classes at our Community College and I would love to try your products and spread the health.

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