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What happens when you mix a serial entrepreneur, a double-board certified surgeon and chocolate? You get Good Day Chocolate, the Chocolate with Benefits™.

Over the past six years, thoughtful planning, continuous product testing and amazing product demos have allowed the Good Day Chocolate team to exceed their retail partners’ expectations. Today, Good Day Chocolate continues to drive their business forward by leveraging new technologies, like RangeMe, as part of their larger business strategy. Read on to learn more about Good Day Chocolate’s journey, how they were discovered on RangeMe, and how they placed their entire product line on retailers’ shelves.

Winning Over Retailers, One Chocolate at a Time

GDC - demoIn 2010, Dr. Andy Goldman began making lollipops with functional doses of common medications for his medical practice. A few years later, Andy re-connected with his longtime friend and serial entrepreneur, Simeon Margolis, and the idea of creating a tasty, responsibly dosed dietary supplement was born. Today, Good Day Chocolate has four different chocolates that meet that goal — Chocolate with Calm, Chocolate with Energy, Chocolate with Sleep, and Chocolate with Vitamin D3. Each chocolate is made with all-natural, premium fair-trade chocolate mixed with pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

When they were first getting started, the duo had their sights on getting their product line into Whole Foods, a daunting task to many.

“We had to go through their testing to make sure our products fit their standards,” says Renee Goldberg, Good Day Chocolate’s Sales and Operations Director. They passed Whole Foods’ tests with flying colors, and in 2014 Good Day Chocolate rolled out their product line to 20 Whole Foods stores in Colorado. They continued to exceed expectations by bringing in top sales in their category. Within 10 months of their official launch, Whole Foods rolled out Good Day Chocolate’s product line globally.

Completing the rigorous process of aligning your product to Whole Food’s quality standards takes a fair amount of work, but it also positions a company up for future success with new retailers. Because Good Day Chocolate went through this process, having quality products is now a cornerstone of their business.

Positioned for Success

GDC - EnergyRenee Goldberg, Good Day Chocolate’s Sales and Operations Director, created their RangeMe account with the goal of connecting with Target buyers. And while they connected to Target buyers within their first month of joining RangeMe, two other retailers, Lucky Vitamin, a one-stop online shop for health and wellness items, and Orchard Fresh, a store that specializes in upscale, natural, and organic foods, also discovered their product line, and were interested in bringing Good Day Chocolates into their stores.

Once both retail buyers showed interest in Good Day Chocolate’s product line on RangeMe, Goldberg sent samples and exchanged a number of emails and phone calls before finalizing the deals.

“I love being on RangeMe,” Goldberg says. “Often times you can shoot emails [to buyers] or make calls and it’s an endless trail. You can’t get through. RangeMe allows you to put yourself out there. There are big retailers choosing to use RangeMe to discover companies like Good Day Chocolate.”

Good Day Chocolate’s thoughtfulness around their branding, innovation leveraging new technologies and passion for building a great chocolate company is the reason why they continue to exceed retailers’ expectations and land in customers’ shopping carts time and time again.

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