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RangeMe Profile

Showcase your products to thousands of buyers

  • Brand Profile

    Build visibility with leading retailers by highlighting key brand information that buyers look for.

  • Product Pages

    Customize product pages to show buyers essential product and company details like MSRP, price margins, packaging dimensions, order availability, and more.

  • Profile Sharing

    Share your brand profile with buyers on and off of RangeMe and track engagement.

Digital Storefront Premium

Sell your products to buyers on RangeMe

  • Order Management

    Manage and fulfill orders directly from your RangeMe profile.

  • Shipping Cost Customizations

    Fulfill your product delivery by choosing any carrier while customizing shipping costs by volume and zone.

  • Commission-Free Orders

    Invite existing retailer accounts to purchase your products on RangeMe and pay a 0% commission fee on those orders. Subject to buyer eligibility.

Tools & Insights Premium

Create, manage, and grow your retail relationships

  • Lead Tracker

    Create a retail sales pipeline to track your retail leads and discover ways to engage with buyers on and off of RangeMe in a single place.

  • Profile Insights

    Track your brand's performance, learn which retailers are viewing your brand, and see which products are receiving the most attention.

  • Industry Insights

    See what product details are driving buyer engagement, such as MSRP, margin, certifications, and popular search terms.

  • Sharing Insights

    Track visits, clicks, and messages from buyers you have shared your profile with.

Retailer Submissions Premium

Submit your brand directly to retailers

  • Retailer Submissions

    Build brand awareness and new relationships with buyers by directly submitting your brand to select retailers during limited-time and ongoing submission opportunities.

  • Category Review Alerts

    Receive notifications of when to submit your brand to retailers who are actively reviewing products in your category and track the submission progress.

  • Submission Messages

    Help your brand stand out and create a personal connection by adding a custom message when you submit your brand.

RangeMe Verified™ Premium

Gain up to 7x more buyer visibility

  • Retail Readiness

    Get RangeMe Verified™ by meeting the minimum retail ready requirements to work with retailers, such as having insurance and barcodes.

  • Prioritized Placement

    Increase visibility by appearing above non-verified brands on buyer search results.

  • Verified Badge

    Instantly let buyers know you're retail ready with the RangeMe Verified™ badge.

RangeMe Services

Grow your business with partner services

  • Service Provider Directory

    Connect and build relationships with providers across 10+ service categories who can help you grow your business in retail.

  • Endorsements

    Evaluate service providers by viewing specialty endorsements left by suppliers who have previously worked with them.

  • Quote Requests

    Compare quotes and promotions offered by service providers directly on RangeMe.

Virtual and In-Person Programs

Build upon your buyer relationships with ECRM Programs

  • Consultative Approach

    Optimize your retailer engagement with the help of ECRM’s Client Success Managers, who match you with the best retail partners to drive your success.

  • In-Person Appointment Facilitation

    Meet multiple category buyers over 2 to 3 days at an ECRM session. Use this time to discuss new items, promotional opportunities and existing business with participating buyers.

  • Follow Up Services..

    Maximize your opportunities post session with clear direction on preferred buyer follow up methods and timelines.

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