Understanding Consumer Shopping Habits with NielsenIQ
Thursday, July 28 @ 10 AM PST

Get exclusive insights from NielsenIQ on what trends and attributes consumers are shopping across product categories.

Small Team Leadership Fundamentals for Emerging Businesses Workshop
Wednesday, August 3 @ 11 AM PST

In this workshop with Sean Georges, you will learn how to lead a team authentically, whether you're a startup brand or family-owned retailer.

Building Powerful and Profitable Promotions Workshop
Tuesday, August 2 @ 11 AM PST

Find out what brands need to develop promotions that drive business and sales at retail during our workshop led by Kate LaBrosse.

Creating a “Retail Ready” Digital Presence Workshop
Monday, August 1 @ 11 AM PST

Learn how to show buyers you're retail ready across digital platforms including your websites, RangeMe, LinkedIn, and more in our workshop with Emily Page.

How to Increase Your Chances of Reorders
Thursday, July 21 @ 11 AM PST

So you received a purchase order, what happens next? Join us to learn how to nurture your retail partnerships and increase the chances of reorders.

How to Make Money on RangeMe
Thursday, July 14 @ 11 AM PST

Join us to learn how you can set up an all-star digital storefront for your brand and fulfill purchase orders from retail buyers directly from your RangeMe profile.

A Conversation on Launching an AAPI-Owned Brand

Hear from Asian American and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs who shared their stories and insights on launching and operating successful brands in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Global Insights: How to Get Discovered by U.K. Retailers

Whether the U.K. market is familiar territory or completely new, listen in on our deep dive with Bridgethorne to understand the United Kingdom’s marketplace, retailers, and how your brand can start selling products in new countries with the help of RangeMe.

Female Founders in CPG: What it Takes to Run a Thriving Business

Listen in on our panel discussion to hear from six female entrepreneurs on what it takes to run a thriving female-powered brand in the consumer packaged goods industry.

The Power Behind Good Food Month: How Sustainability Certifications Are Leading the Way

Fairtrade America, Marine Stewardship Council, and The Non-GMO Project share what Good Food Month is all about and how their organizations are teaming up to make a better future.

Learn About the Veteran-Owned Business Certification and What It Means to Retailers

Hear from industry experts at National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA), Walgreens, and True Made Foods on the VBE certification, how to leverage your veteran-owned certification to get your products on retail shelves across the country, and how to compete for business with major retail corporations.

Leveraging the Power of Product Certifications to Connect with Buyers

One of the key ways suppliers set themselves apart is through brand and product certifications. As consumers demand more products that align with their values, whether it’s non-GMO or minority-owned brands, retail buyers are listening. Hear from buyers and CPG experts about what it means for your brand to carry industry-recognized certifications and why it matters to both retailers and consumers alike.

How to Stand Out in a Highly Competitive Natural Health Product Market

RangeMe is teaming up with Certifications by Nutrasource, an industry recognized laboratory-based certification provider for Non-GMO, CBD, Omega-3s, and Probiotic products, to share insights into each of their global certification offerings and how they comply with regulations and retailer requirements.

Building Trust: Learning to Leverage One of Your Brand’s Most Powerful Assets

Trust is at an all-time low. Yet, it’s your brand’s most valuable asset. Drawing on her experience from building a certification program that is leveraged by thousands of manufacturers and a community of over 200,000 members, Sharon Vinderine, CEO and Founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved, will present you with five key strategies to ensure your company stands out from the competition.

The Exponential Growth of Plant-Based Food and What It Means To Your Brand

More consumers are reaching for plant-based products than ever before. Learn more from Plant Based Foods Association and Pan's Mushroom Jerky about the accelerated growth of plant-based foods and how you can leverage this growth along with Certified Plant Based certification for your brand.

Tap Into Kosher: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Kosher Certified

Hear from KSA Kosher, the largest recognized and accepted Kosher certification agency in the Western United States, as they discuss the opportunities Kosher-certified brands get such as reaching millions of new consumers from around the world, and how to get your products certified by their organization.