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RangeMe is an online platform that enables retail buyers to efficiently discover and purchase innovative and emerging products while empowering suppliers to manage and grow their brands with the tools, insights, and services they need.

Our talented and passionate team of innovators and retail experts is driven to make the world’s suppliers and retailers more productive and successful.


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A letter from our founder

A little over five years ago my little girl suffered from horrible eczema. A local chemist had created a compound that worked wonders on her skin, and I soon found out that this compound had a wide and wild following. So many people were devoted to this product, and I myself saw not only a solution, but also an opportunity.

Needless to say, my CPG drive kicked in, and I started working with the chemist on formulas, developing packaging, trademarking the name, perfecting the pitch—all of the things you do when you’re creating an innovative product for the general public.

After all that hard work, we had an amazing product-that no one outside of our local circle would ever hear about. In trying to get this salve on shelves, I quickly found that unless you are a big brand name, it’s incredibly difficult to get access to major retailers. It’s the ultimate frustration for innovators, to be so close and then come to a complete stop.

But I didn’t stop. I’ve been where you are—amazing product, ready for the market…and slim chance of getting a retailer to talk to me and getting that product into the hands of consumers.

From my time working for blue-chip consumer goods companies including Pepsico and Kellogg, I was fortunate to have contacts in the retail space, and I started doing some research. What I found was that the market had shifted and retailers were looking to smaller innovative brands to drive category growth and innovation but they had their own problems with sourcing innovative products. Retailers didn’t have a good mechanism to contact suppliers, and when they did get proposals, the suppliers often didn’t know what information the retailers needed to make a decision on their product.

And from that, RangeMe was born. RangeMe marries my deep desire to bring suppliers and retailers together easily, efficiently, so the most extraordinary products can get not only on store shelves, but in the hands of eager consumers.

Take a look around our site, and you’ll see that this platform is a love letter to all of the innovators—big and small—who want to change the face of the industry. I look forward to continuing this journey with you all...



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RangeMe launches in Australia!


First retail partnerships with major AU retailers including Coles


RangeMe launches in the U.S. with Target as the first retailer partnership


RangeMe Verified™ is introduced to help buyers identify shelf-ready brands


ECRM acquires RangeMe, connecting the leading online and in-person product discovery hubs


RangeMe hits 100,000 suppliers


RangeMe Services launches, connecting growing suppliers to qualified services providers


RangeMe expands globally to retailers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia-Pacific


RangeMe launches the ability for retail buyers to purchase products from suppliers on the platform

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