We know how challenging it can be to predict what a buyer is looking for without speaking to them directly. Because retailers like Whole Foods Market, Albertsons Companies, Petco and Sprouts use RangeMe as the exclusive online platform to source new products for their stores, we can start to demystify the modern-day retail buyer. 

We looked at the actions of thousands of buyers on RangeMe over the past year and compiled a report of eye-opening insights to help you understand what’s top-of-mind and trending with retail buyers.

1. Company Sizes Gaining Buyer Interest

RangeMe attracts a range of business sizes. Suppliers on RangeMe who have listed their business’ annual revenue up to $2 million are gaining the most attention from buyers on the platform.

What this means:
Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to product innovation. What RangeMe does well is even the playing field across different sized companies so buyers are presented with the best product match. What’s clear here is that smaller-sized suppliers’ product offerings are driving interest from buyers across the platform.

2. Certifications Buyers are Looking For

Products that received attention from buyers had one or more of the following certifications:

What this means:
Consumers care about the quality of the ingredients so buyers are looking for products with certain attributes. Products with the above certifications (or similar) are well-positioned to attract buyer attention on the platform.

If you haven’t added your certifications to your product listings, do it today!

3. Categories Leading the Change with Emerging Brands

As consumers seek differentiation, buyers follow suit and source emerging brands for their stores. Products listed on RangeMe span across a multitude of categories and we’re taking note of what categories are garnering the most interest from buyers.

What this means:
Products in these categories may feel the competition increase but with buyer and consumer trends heading in that direction, there is a huge opportunity in front of them.

We hope this information helps as you grow your business for future success. Keep your eye out for more insights from us in the future.

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  1. Hi Louise,

    We are on Rangeme with our JABnow organic cocktail mixers. Any tips for how we can get noticed by Whole Foods and other big buyers, other than being on the site and waiting? Thanks!

  2. This is really great information! I will start using this information immediately to help drive buyers to my brand! Thanks Louise!!

  3. Great insights, thank you!

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    Thanks so much for this post! I’m so excited to keep up to date on the latest trends. This kind of information can be so important for sales planning.

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