Baltimore, Maryland was the host of the 34th annual Natural Products Expo East this past weekend. More than 1,000  suppliers exhibited new products and 50,000 people had the pleasure of experiencing the event in Charm City, seeing the array of new products hitting the market. I had the pleasure of attending the show and saw everything from frozen treats to organic and natural cleaning products making waves with attendees. Some of the products displayed at the show definitely hit on trends that are here to stay for a while, and some will surprise (or perhaps, charm?) you. Take a look at some of the top trends from Expo East:

1. Water for the elite.

This year brands took the term “stay hydrated” to new levels. From collagen water, to caffeine-infused, and even protein water, the way in which we see this vital necessity is slowly beginning to change (Personally, I’ll take a cucumber lime-infused water any day of the week). Brands see how consumers drink water at home and want to give them the luxury of making it  a more memorable experience. 

2. Open sesame [milk].

That’s right guys, we have a new milk alternative on the market. Sesame milk is on the rise and giving yet another option for those who prefer seed and nut milks over the real thing. So what’s so great about sesame seeds? All the many health benefits, of course! Sesame seeds are said to help with diabetes, prevent cancer, and create glowing skin, to name a few. 

3. Raising the snack bar.

Snack bars are nothing new to store shelves. However, as more and more dieting trends emerge , snacking is more difficult for the conscious snacker. Expo East showcased a number of brands that were very aware of consumer diet trends. From keto cookie bars, to grain-free granola bars, there is no shortage for those looking to munch on something, no matter the diet. 

4. CBD for life.

Okay, we know. CBD is popular, and will only continue to gain popularity as more retailers begin carrying CBD products in stores. Expo East had its fair share of new and emerging products such as infused sodas and snacks. But there were also non-food-related items that stood out such as CBD oil diffusers and cosmetic items like lipsticks and glosses.

5. Mushroom meets jerky.

Who doesn’t love a good meat jerky? Well, people that don’t eat meat, for one. Introducing mushroom jerky: A twist on the original  made from different mushrooms to give non-meat eaters a jerky snack of their own to satisfy their taste buds. Brands were showing off their newest mushroom jerky products and did not disappoint. The most interesting combo? A banana flavored mushroom jerky. 

Now it’s time to get ready for Expo West in March of 2020. RangeMe will be there, of course, and we can’t wait to see all the new trends in CPG!

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