How Dr.PAWPAW Lands Major Retail Accounts at its ECRM Meetings

Co-Founders Pauline & Johnny Paterson discuss how they prepare for, execute and follow up from buyer meetings.

/ August 23, 2023

Walgreens: Driving ‘Innovative Convenience,’ Localized Healthcare & Elevated Assortments

An exclusive Q&A with Robert Tompkins, GVP & General Merchandise Manager, Walgreens

/ July 27, 2023
What is a DUNS Number?

What Is a DUNS Number and What Is It Used For?

You may have heard of DUNS numbers, but if you aren't sure what they are, or what they are used for, you have come to the right place. Businesses of any size will benefit from obtaining a DUNS number, as...

/ June 26, 2023

Pivoting for Success: How One Startup Food Brand Drove Rapid Growth by Being Quick on its Feet

Launched in 2021, the food brand has already landed deals with Walmart, Sam’s Club, QVC and Sysco. Here's how they did it.

/ May 29, 2023

Maazah: From Farmers’ Markets to Kroger Shelves

One RangeMe submission led to big opportunities for this brand and its “magic green sauce”

/ April 24, 2023

Three Pitches. Three Major Retail Wins: Here’s How Clean Age Did it With ECRM & RangeMe

Personal care brand Clean Age discusses how they landed deals with Walmart, Kroger, and Rite Aid.

/ March 28, 2023
Pak Cosmetics

Success at the Shelf in the U.K.: Advice from a Buyer to Brands

Hear from Pak Cosmetic's CEO Peter Mudahy as he addresses 10 points brands should know about doing business with U.K. retailers.

/ February 16, 2023
Astoria Beauty Bar Buyer Spotlight | RangeMe

It’s a Beauty-Full Match for these Emerging Small Businesses

Learn how Astoria Beauty Bar's Michelle DeMartino uses RangeMe to discover diverse and sustainable products for her clients.

/ December 14, 2022
How CPG Brands are Surviving – and Thriving – Amid Increasing Costs

How CPG Brands are Surviving – and Thriving – Amid Increasing Costs

Learn how suppliers are finding new and innovative ways to drive forward during today’s challenging economic times.

/ November 8, 2022
Mushrooms Truly are Magic for Retail and Foodservice

Mushrooms Truly are Magic for Retail and Foodservice

Why are mushrooms getting so much attention these days? Here's what we learned from the buyers and brands who know these fungi best.

/ October 13, 2022