In the wellness world, probiotics seem to be everywhere these days. That is because medical professionals are realizing that a person’s microbiome plays a very direct role in that person’s overall health.

organic-circle-brooklyn-probiotic-yogurtSupermarkets that have paid attention have not been lost on this emerging trend. They are rapidly expanding their selection of probiotic-rich foods in order to meet customer demand. Yet, Organic Circle in New York City, an organic and kosher supermarket located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, has taken probiotics to an entirely new level. This market is producing in-house its own USDA certified organic probiotic yogurts, cheeses and sauerkrauts.

Why are they doing this?

It’s simple. They want to offer their customers the freshest and highest quality products possible.

To learn more about what Organic Circle is doing and to see why I believe that this market is ‘the hidden gem’ in the New York City organic world, you can check out my first installment of Supermarket Spotlight here.

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