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RangeMe has and always will be on the mission to make the world’s suppliers and retailers more productive and successful. As the largest product discovery and sourcing platform in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industry, we’re thrilled to announce that we have expanded our offerings to make buying and selling products easier. Retailers, and suppliers from around the world, can now discover, connect, transact, and grow their businesses with RangeMe. Independent and regional retail buyers can now find and purchase select products for their stores directly from more than 200,000 suppliers on RangeMe. Simultaneously, suppliers can leverage a new sales channel to sell their products from their RangeMe profile. Read on to learn more about what this opportunity means for your business. 

RangeMe Makes Buying and Selling Products Easier

For buyers 

Retail buyers in the United States can now amp up their streamlined product discovery experience on RangeMe by purchasing products directly from eligible suppliers on RangeMe. With more than 200,000 suppliers representing over 800,000 products across all CPG categories, buyers can get products on shelves or listed online and in the hands of happy customers faster, with the click of a button. 

We’re offering buyers a best-in-class search, one-button purchasing, multi-order, add-to-cart features, with easily accessible and exportable order details and history. These tools and features mean retail buyers can continue benefiting from a single platform to efficiently discover and purchase products with informed purchasing and transparent prices. 

“As an artisan wine and cheese shop that’s expanding our retail offerings, we love using RangeMe to easily search for, discover, and sample new artisan products before purchasing. The messaging function allows me to connect directly with each of the brands, which helps us to communicate allergens and market products to our customers confidently. We’ve had positive experiences with each of the brands we’ve discovered and find RangeMe’s platform easy to use and saves me time as a buyer.”

Jessica Arkwright, Founder, MUST Wine Loft 

Buyers, visit our website for more information on how to discover, evaluate, sample, and purchase products for your stores. 

For suppliers

Suppliers across several categories, including food, beverage, health, and beauty care (stay tuned for more eligible categories coming soon!), can now leverage RangeMe to easily showcase, share, and sell their products using the industry standard digital sell sheet (aka their RangeMe profile). This is an added extension of supplier profiles, also known as the digital storefront. Suppliers can quickly and easily set up a digital storefront to open this new direct sales channel for their products and brands, with no contracts or additional terms. Plus, suppliers will get paid faster with payments made 11 days post-delivery, so say goodbye to 30-day waiting periods!

Having a centralized sales and marketing channel allows suppliers to create a B2B digital storefront and put their products in front of buyers from across the United States. In addition, suppliers can build on existing retail relationships with retail partners by referring them to purchase products from their digital storefront on RangeMe to receive commission-free orders placed by those buyers. 

“Introducing the direct purchasing capability represents the natural evolution of RangeMe. We’ve built RangeMe to be a globally accessible, user-friendly platform for retailers and their buyers as well as a channel and a tool for suppliers looking to bring innovative products to retail. This new capability will be transformational for buyers and will provide suppliers with unprecedented opportunities to grow their business. We are looking to continue rolling this out to U.S. retailers and suppliers across all major CPG categories this year.

Nicky Jackson, CEO and Founder, RangeMe

In a world where digital product discovery and purchasing is more vital than ever, we’re excited to continue supporting retail buyers and suppliers as they grow their businesses in retail. For more information on purchasing products directly through RangeMe and how to set up your digital storefront, visit our website here.

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