One of the great things about RangeMe (besides the amazing brands and retailers we have the opportunity to work with) is that we get to see what’s trending worldwide before those trends even hit store shelves. Search data gives us unique insight into the brands, certifications, products, and keywords that retailers are looking for, and inevitably, more often than not, that data is a guidepost for the consumer wants and needs that retailers are eager to meet.

A recent dive into our data has shown some interesting rising trends. Let’s take a look at what the most recent trend analysis is showing.

It’s always happy when it’s happy hour

  • Spa Girl Cocktails
  • Craftmix
  • Blox Spiked Ice

Though not all people are returning to offices these days, there’s still something to be said for happy hour, even if it’s at home. Retailers are eager to provide consumers with a variety of options to make the most of a happy hour, especially if those options are served with a side of convenience, and somewhat healthily (or at least healthy-ish). Spa Girl Cocktails Mango Sparkling Vodka Cocktail was one of the top-trending products on RangeMe this month. Their low calorie, low sugar, ready-to-drink beverage taps into consumers’ desires to indulge responsibly while watching their calorie and sugar intake. What’s more, the brand is also 100 percent plant-based, and a women-owned business, which also speaks to the trend of consumers wanting to align their values with the brands they purchase.

Craftmix, a brand that makes all-natural, low calorie, low sugar, pre-packaged cocktail mixes, was also a top-trending keyword search for buyers recently. Because what’s better than simply adding your alcohol of choice into a glass with your preferred mix (and they offer several flavors, including Strawberry Mule, Passionfruit Paloma, Blood Orange Mai Tai, or Mango Margarita), and getting your happy hour started easily?  

And because happy hour without a cool drink is more like a sad hour, BLOX Spiked Ice, in flavors of pineapple, lemon, strawberry, lime, and tropical, has also been trending. These frozen cocktail cubes are versatile, and their packaging is quite grabbing. (Think pudding cup-esque!) They’re convenient, too, and consumers can use them right from the cup or mix them into their bevvie of choice.  

Indulge, but make it healthy

  • Hu
  • Shrewd Foods
  • BranchOut

Show us someone who doesn’t like snacks, and we’ll show you someone who is not telling the truth. Because the truth is, everyone loves snacks. Everyone. If they didn’t, would healthy snacks be continuously trending in our data? We think not.

More than 16,000 brands on RangeMe identify themselves as ‘healthy.’ Those products run the gamut of pet products to hair products to (of course) snacks, but when you drill down into the snacks category, it’s interesting—though not terribly surprising—that many of the snacks searched for also boast claims of better-for-you, vegan, organic, and the like.

Hu, for example, is a notable mention that buyers on RangeMe have frequently searched. The brand originally started making chocolate snacks, like chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate chunks, and chocolate bars (their top seller is a hazelnut butter chocolate bar!), but recently expanded into grain-free crackers. Their products are paleo, vegan, certified Kosher, organic, and gluten-free.

We also saw Shrewd Foods and BranchOut were two top-trending brands this month. Shrewd Foods makes healthy snacks like protein croutons and keto bars, and are certified gluten-free, kosher, and low carb, high protein, and free of artificial flavors. Family-owned BranchOut Food of Bend, Oregon, makes plant-based snacks that are vegan and Certified BRC Global Standard.

And these are just a small portion of what we’ve seen. So many healthy snacks, so little time!

Travel the world without leaving your house

  • BURTS Snacks
  • Amazing Ice Cream - Boba
  • Koko Farm Foods

Global flavors are trending in buyer searches lately, as consumers are eager to explore the world from the comfort of their couch, considering traveling being what it is (or isn’t) these days. And there’s no better way to get to know a culture than by diving into their flavors and foods, right?

Burt’s Chips got quite a few “Cheerios!” this month in searches, as the thick-cut British potato chips and lentil chips resonated with buyers looking to expand their global offerings (and in snacks, natch).

Boba ice cream is also seeing quite a bit of interest as a keyword trend. There are 13 brands and 17 products for boba ice cream on RangeMe, and we won’t be surprised if that number continues to rise, given the increasing popularity of boba tea in recent years. It’s not only a fun innovation in the world of boba, but as summer winds down and the holidays heat up, it’s a sweet treat to have on hand—or on store shelves.

The Non-GMO Project - Wikipedia

Koko Farm Foods has been a top searched brand recently as well, pushing the global expansion of snacks. These Korean snacks are certified Non-GMO Project Verified, and have made waves in Costco and through subscription box service SnackMagic.

These are just a few of the trends and products that are keeping RangeMe busy these days. Stay tuned for October’s Trend Analysis, which is sure to give you a spooky scoop on the latest insight!

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