Since starting RangeMe, the journey has been quite an amazing one. Of course, there have been challenges along the way, but even on the challenging days I’m filled with inspiration and gratitude that I get to make my dream a reality, and in doing so I get to help others bring their dreams to life as well.

Reaching 50,000 suppliers once seemed like simply a goal on paper.

Now it’s a reality.

RangeMe Milestone

It is a major milestone for the team at RangeMe, the industry, and the retail partners and suppliers we work with. But, most importantly, it’s a win for the consumer who can now have an even better in-store selection of new and innovative products that meet their needs.

This milestone came to life for me just last Friday when we hit the 50,000 suppliers mark and simultaneously a supplier emailed me a video of his product on shelf at a major club store in the US. RangeMe was the key facilitator to get his on-trend and healthy product on shelf. His video showed a consumer at the shelf deciding between a brand staple and his new product, and guess what? The consumer selected his product.

Seeing that video confirmed what we’ve always known to be true: customers who have greater choice and options to select a healthier version of an industry staple are the real winners!

RangeMe Continued Growth

As we continue to grow and see more incredible products land on the shelf thanks to RangeMe, I think about two things: the consumers who are getting more choices and the suppliers who have worked tirelessly to get their products on the shelf. For me, 50,000 is not just a number. There is a story behind each and every supplier, a hard working team to make their idea a reality, and determination to persevere through the odds and hardship to get their product on the shelf.

I am grateful to each one of the 50,000, for sharing their products, their ideas, and their journeys with us.

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  1. You are an inspiration to women in head of business. Passionate!

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