On Thursday, February 9th, we had a unique opportunity to participate as a host company during the NewCo Bay Area 2017 Festival. NewCo gives its participants a chance to get up close and behind-the-scenes at innovative companies around the world. We were excited and honored to open our doors to a curious and diverse group of attendees interested in learning more about RangeMe.

Our Founder and CEO, Nicky Jackson, led an energetic interactive session on how RangeMe is changing the face of the retail and CPG industries by connecting retailers to amazing products and suppliers.

In case you missed it, check out this video for an intimate look at our headquarters in San Francisco:

Brandon Leong

Brandon combines 10 years of marketing experience with a passion for growth and technology. As a native San Franciscan, he has a love for food, dogs and, of course, all things San Francisco.

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