Naturally Smart is not your average frozen dessert brand. Serving up classic sweet flavors with a healthy twist, this all-natural, protein-rich treat leaves customers feeling satisfied.

Heating Up the Frozen Aisle with Frozen Desserts

Since 2013, Mark Patterson, President and Founder of Naturally Smart, has built his Jacksonville, Florida-based frozen dessert business into a thriving enterprise. What started out as a product made in a small commercial kitchen and delivered out of the back of his Mini Cooper, Patterson now offers five flavors to his loyal customers across the U.S.

To continue Naturally Smart’s expansion, Patterson joined RangeMe to showcase his product and broaden its reach to different retailers. Establishing an online presence with RangeMe was one of the strategic moves Patterson made to propel his business into its next stage of growth.

“Instead of sending buyers to my website, which is primarily intended for consumers, buyers can now see everything they need to know about Naturally Smart on RangeMe. This is instrumental to the success of our business,” says Patterson.

From Commercial Kitchen to Co-Packing

“There will come a time when you’re selling more than you can make and you’re spending more time making than selling,” says Patterson. When Naturally Smart experienced this moment, it was a clear indication that they were ready to move from their commercial kitchen to a co-packing plant.

Any business experiencing this should take a moment to pause. Ask yourself some questions such as:

How much manpower and hours are you spending by working out of your commercial kitchen?
What qualities are you looking for in a co-packing partner? Does your product require the co-packing facility to use specialty equipment?

Patterson didn’t take the pursuit of finding the perfect co-packer lightly. After a year of driving across Florida touring and talking to different co-packing plants, he eventually hired a manufacturing contractor and food scientist who helped him secure the facility and co-packing partner that met their needs and would help him take Naturally Smart to the next level.

Raising Capital to Expand Business

Mark Patterson, President and Founder of Naturally Smart

Mark Patterson, President and Founder of Naturally Smart

Raising capital is important aspect in starting a business and may come up at different points in your business’ growth. Naturally Smart went through their initial funding to jumpstart their business a few years ago but now are approaching another round of funding as they are ready for expansion.

Similar to transitioning from a commercial kitchen to a co-packing plant, raising capital to move your business to it’s next stage should be something that’s carefully thought through.

“You reach the stage that you know you have a viable product. You’ve done your research, you know where you’ve been selling, you’ve had some success and now you’re ready to expand,” Patterson says. “Now is the time to go big.”

As Naturally Smart continues to grow and expand, keep your eye out for these healthy, protein-packed frozen desserts in a store near you.

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