With the goal of reaching women and helping them find the best makeup products to fit their lives, Cosmakery is focusing as much on the virtual world as they are on the physical world. For women who wish they could apply makeup like a pro, Cosmakery pairs quality beauty products with education, providing women the tools they need to look their best. And RangeMe played a key step in making that happen. Read on to find out how Cosmakery was picked up by new indie beauty retailer, Sweet Sparkle, and how they are making waves in the beauty industry.

Two hands, one voice
Janelle Thomason, an Emmy-award winning makeup artist, wanted to create a line of cosmetics that would “empower women to look the way they want to, every day, with their own two hands.” The product of that inspiration is Cosmakery, a sophisticated makeup brand for everyday wear.

Thomason, who owns the award-winning makeup studio The Makeup Loft in Plymouth, Michigan, has a vision of helping as many women as possible. Whether a woman worked inside or outside of the home, she notes that most women she met were overwhelmed when it came to makeup. “There are so many choices, so many colors. A lot of women still don’t know how to do their makeup, and they follow the same makeup routine they’ve had since they were 16 years old.”

Cosmakery is a carefully curated line of cosmetics, Thomason notes. Products are highly edited and contain only universally flattering colors, making it easier and more accessible to women. She wanted her line to embrace shades that wouldn’t frighten women away, Thomason says, and colors they would feel comfortable wearing. What’s more, many women don’t have easy access to quality makeup products, or to pros in the industry who can help them find what works for them. So when Thomason created Cosmakery, she knew she needed to get her products on store shelves–both physical and virtual–wherever women shopped.

Sparkle and shine
Based out of Plymouth, Michigan, Cosmakery was in a great physical location to reach clientele. But Thomason knew she needed to extend her reach if she was going to make her vision a reality. Creating a profile on RangeMe was the first step towards that.

Though she was nervous about the platform, Thomason was thrilled with how easy and user-friendly it was to work with. The questionnaire was thorough–something that would soon pay off, she’d see.

“RangeMe is dedicated to growing my business and my brand.” The level of service she’s received has been one of the best experiences about being on RangeMe.

And the experiences continue to thrive, as new e-retailer Sweet Sparkle, a global beauty distributor, contacted Thomason about including Cosmakery on their site and requested samples try out. She loved the foundation so much that she started wearing it and and wanted to bring the makeup line to their site. Thomason and Sweet Sparkle collaborated to pull together the ideal mix of Cosmakery products for the site, which include foundations, blotting powder, bronzer, highlighter, matte lip color, clear gloss, and a new, to-be-released shadow.

“I was surprised at how quickly it happened,” Thomason says. And she’s bonded with the retailer over a shared passion for social and brand awareness and beauty education.

Moving forward, one brush stroke at a time
Cosmakery continues to grow organically, and Thomason feels she is blessed to be based in a small town like Plymouth, and yet have such an extensive reach because of her partnerships with salons, RangeMe and retailers like Sweet Sparkle. Cosmarkery’s partnerships, paired with a passionate clientele, is a work of beauty.

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