Do you ever look at the snacks sitting in your office cabinet or the ones you’ve secretly tucked away in your drawer? Maybe you don’t normally enjoy reading packaging labels as much as I do, but open that drawer or cabinet of yours and take a look at your favorite snack. See any “Non-GMO,” “Fair Trade Certified,” or “USDA Organic” labels on it?

If you do, awesome! You’re part of the growing demand for natural and healthy foods across America, just like me! Getting those certifications isn’t easy and I’ve learned to appreciate those labels.

Those labels are definitely an incentive for me to purchase an item. It makes me think, “Sweet, that manufacturer took the time and effort to make it ‘XYZ’ certified.” Which means I can probably expect a high-quality product!

IMG_9409Favorite Retail Labeling

Consumers these days are getting more observant with the labeling on their foods and so am I. Some of my current favorites? Terra Chips, TCHO Chocolate, and thinkThin bars–each of these snacks are certified non-GMO, fair trade, or gluten-free. Now knowing the retail buying side of the CPG world, I realize these labels are not only important to consumers but retail buyers as well.

As part of the marketing team that reaches out to new suppliers, my goal is similar to the retail buyer’s goal. Retail buyers want to find the most innovative products, as well as products that carry certifications that will please and meet the needs and desires of customers. The search isn’t easy, but with a lot of digging through every crevice of U.S. certifications, I’ve discovered labels to meet just about any consumer need: Vegan certifications, Made in the USA products, B Corporation companies, corn- and gluten-free products, and Certified Paleo just to name a few.

Retail Label Conclusion

After discovering the endless possibility of certifications, it’s hard not to appreciate a product that has several under their belt. As I type this blog, I am currently munching on my favorite non-GMO Terra chips and truly appreciating the time the manufacturer took to create an amazing snack!

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