Life sure is sweet, but not in the same way for everyone. In 2018, French-trained personal chef Rodolfo Fernandes knew he had to create something sweet and healthy that everyone could enjoy without losing the satisfying taste of “sugar” after remembering a story from his childhood. That’s where No Sugar Aloud comes in, a sugar-free, low-carb yet scrumptious line of baking mixes. With the help of Managing Partner Carlos Carpio, the two now help oversee an entire line of diabetic, keto, and vegan-friendly mixes for brownies, cakes, bread, donuts, cookies, and more. Read on to see how their passion for healthy sweets led them to sell their products directly to retailers on RangeMe.

Carlos Carpio & Rodolfo Fernandes
Carlos Carpio & Rodolfo Fernandes

The bittersweet story

When Fernandes was 13, he attended a birthday party with his best friend who had Type 1 Diabetes and was restricted from enjoying sugar-filled treats at the celebration. At such a young age, it can be difficult to understand the seriousness of the disease, which is why Fernandes’s best friend secretly ate some cake. This one innocent decision led to the devastating passing of his friend, which stuck with Fernandes to this day. “I could never forget that,” says Fernandes. “I said I had to do something about it one day. I know we have a problem, and I want to be part of the solution.”

Many years later, Fernandes and Carpio ordered brownies from a coffee shop, and due to Carpio’s diabetic diet, he ordered a sugar-free one. After trying the brownie, Rodolfo knew he could make something that tasted way better.

No Sugar Aloud

In the beginning, it was hard for Fernandes and Carpio to find the proper ingredients that would taste great and not break the bank, as premium products come at a cost. Due to his culinary background, Fernandes had his standards set high, causing a non-stop drive for perfection in their product line. When it comes to sourcing ingredients, the No Sugar Aloud team only works with suppliers they trust and know, including brands that are familiar, have a known origin, and have a reliable history within the industry. And when it comes to scouting out new suppliers, Fernandes and Carpio always ask for samples to taste test before purchasing. Their products are made in a small industrial kitchen using 100 percent natural ingredients and no chemicals. After years of trial and error, Fernandes created his own blend of sweeteners.

No Sugar Aloud

While the process may have been long, their dedication to quality control created a product line that allows all consumers to enjoy a sweet treat for every occasion, no matter age or health restrictions.  “Parents send us photos of them and their diabetic kids making our products to express their gratitude for changing their child’s life and their excitement to be able to eat a brownie,” says Fernandes. 

No Sugar Aloud

Their product SKUs include two lines – one with wholesale, retail options and one with bulk packages for foodservice. Overall, they have 14 retail products available in bulk sizes at a low cost for establishments to purchase. This foodservice line has no ties to their brand name, making it possible for establishments to choose whether they want to use the No Sugar Aloud name or not, without any consequences or cost.

Let them eat cake…directly from RangeMe

No Sugar Aloud has been active on RangeMe since 2018, and the team is fond of RangeMe Insights. “Industry Insights was one of the reasons that we went from our previous packaging to our new packaging,” explains Carpio. “You can see the interest in your brand as well as the competition, and what price buyers are willing to accept and what their price margin range is, which helped us price our products too.”

Building on their use of RangeMe, Carpio recently explored an expanded service offering on RangeMe that gives suppliers the opportunity to sell their products to retail buyers directly from their digital storefront on their RangeMe profile. No Sugar Aloud listed their products for sale on RangeMe, catching the attention of Freshline Keto Market, a keto-friendly grocer based in Menasha, WI. Freshline Keto Market purchased some baking mixes through No Sugar Aloud’s digital storefront. The process flowed well on both ends, resulting in many happy keto consumers.

Sharing their recipe for success

No Sugar Aloud

When asked what advice they would share with someone who is about to launch a product for the first time, Fernandes and Carpio shared the following success tips:

Do your research. Look around at what other brands in the industry are doing and study what’s working and what’s not. Go out to stores and read the ingredients, compare prices, and read the online reviews on your competitors. Test and trial your products with small groups of people to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Stick to your guns. When it comes to making decisions for your brand, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of every pathway. If you get one bad review, don’t just change everything. Not every change has to be a giant pivot that costs you your entire brand identity.

Too much success can be a bad thing. It’s ok to have ups and downs. Start slow instead of all at once. If you grow exponentially, you are sure to lose control of your product quality. And if you lose the tastebuds of your customer, you will never get them back.

Invest your time and money strategically. Try to do as much as possible by yourself to save on costs. Design your own packaging or website and invest your money in tasks you can’t do yourself. Every penny you save is something you can invest on later.

Fill in the gaps with support from service providers on RangeMe here. Explore experts in marketing, design, packaging, shipping, and more.

So, what’s next?

No Sugar Aloud has launched their Everyday Superfood Collection, including two different sizes of mixes for wholesale and foodservice. There is something for every taste and a taste for every need. This collection consists of 14 easy-to-make, freeze, and defrost within 60 seconds.

The brand will continue to say ALOUD that life can be sweet without sugar by creating foods that are not only delicious but also good for you.

Are you in the foodservice industry and interested in providing more diet restriction-friendly options? Visit No Sugar Aloud’s RangeMe profile here to browse their easy-to-bake mixes.

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