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Established in 2013, HealthyLine came to market with class 2 medical device products that heal the body. HealthyLine is an FDA registered company with a large selection of heated gemstone therapy mats and healing products. The company is built on passion and innovation by incorporating the latest technologies such as far-infrared (FIR), pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), and red-light therapy to create their advanced naturally powered products. With a loyal following of consumers to licensed healers on their direct website, HealthyLine was ready to bring their unique products into more retailers. That’s when Lindsay Griesbach joined the HealthyLine team and discovered RangeMe to expand its reach into retail. After a short few months on the platform and with the help of one of RangeMe’s dedicated customer success managers, HealthyLine scored an incredible deal with ShopHQ, a major e-tailer and competitor to television shopping network giant QVC. Read on to learn more about HealthyLine products, how they leverage their RangeMe profile for business inquiries and their advice for growing brands. 

The magic of HealthyLine products

Pulsed electromagnetic frequency healing, which is approved by the FDA, was discovered to heal people faster. This frequency, in combination with healing gemstones, makes for magical result-driven HealthyLine products. 

HealthyLine has a breadth of products with prices ranging from $40 to $3,000. Their product line consists of far-infrared, gemstone-filled, PEMF mats, redlight therapy mats, portable mats, pet mats, comforters, pillows, and even bracelets. Their top five selling products include: 

  1. TAJ-Mat 7224 – an all-inclusive, full-body healing mat. 
  2. TAO- Mat 1818 – a smaller mat that is portable and can easily mold around different body parts that need healing, such as your leg or shoulder. 
  3. MESH JT-Mat 3220 – an extra flexible, very affordable, full-body healing mat with jade stones.
  4. TAJ Chair + TAO Chair – a mat that can fit your chair’s mold to heal while working or folded and brought on the go for mobile practitioners. 
  5. Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter – a cotton magnetic energy comforter that helps encourage a better nights sleep.

Fun fact: the abbreviations of each HealthyLine healing mat come from the natural gemstones included in the product, and the numbers stand for the product dimensions. For example, TAJ-Mat 7224 includes tourmaline, amethyst, jade and is 72’’ by 24.’’ 

Managing product skepticism 

Given that HealthyLine products are natural wellness products, Griesbach has encountered her fair share of skeptical consumers who are more familiar with western medicine. How does she confront this challenge? By sharing large retail companies’ success in bringing awareness to energy healing products, personal experience, and valuable customer testimonials. 

“You have to try it to believe it, and I have a list of honest and true customers who can attest to it,” says Griesbach. “Even personally, my boyfriend was in disbelief of how well the product worked. My dad [a skeptic of gemstone healing] hurt his knee, so I sent him the amethyst knee wrap, and he immediately felt better after using it. I also used the mat to speed up our dog’s leg injury recovery. After a week of using it, she was better and hasn’t had any leg issues since.” 

HealthyLine Mat

Finding a hidden gem

Griesbach discovered RangeMe through a retailer’s submission campaign they were trying to work with, and after upgrading to Premium, she connected with Christina, a RangeMe Customer Success Manager (CSM). Through this process, Griesbach attended RangeMe webinars and worked directly with Christina, who provided honest feedback and helped get HealthyLine’s profile set up for success. 

“Without Christina, we wouldn’t be successful,” says Griesbach. “I highly recommend that all brands connect with a Customer Success Manager first. Make sure your standards are up to par with what retailers expect from brands on RangeMe.” 

Connecting with a major retailer 

Before joining RangeMe, HealthyLine already had an extensive portfolio of retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Rue La La, Gilt, Verishop, wholesale distributors, and massage/spa companies. But HealthyLine was ready to keep building brand awareness by expanding the number of retailers selling their products. 

After a short time on RangeMe, Griesbach received a message from a buyer at ShopHQ. “ShopHQ is an online retailer and a major QVC competitor,” explains Griesbach. “ShopHQ wanted to expand their wellness category, and after coming across our profile, they wanted to bring our products into their online store.” 

After working with ShopHQ to set up the needed EDI capability, HealthyLine’s top 25 products were on the website within two months. 

“There’s a cost associated when working with large retailers that brands need to be aware of,” says Griesbach. “Tread lightly, make sure the retailer is aligned with your brand’s message, and don’t lose faith or trust when working with retailers because some take longer than others to respond.” 

Managing expen$ive samples

Griesbach manages all sample requests for HealthyLine’s products, including those with high price points. HealthyLine is very strategic in communicating expectations when it comes to their products since they can’t always send samples of products that cost $3,000. 

“When you’re managing high-priced products, there are several action items that need to happen,” says Griesbach. “First, you have to weed through those who are not up to your brand’s standards, such as individuals just looking to score a free product. Second, remind the retail buyer of your product cost by asking them about their customer base and if their customers would be willing to pay this price for a HealthyLine product.” 

RangeMe buyers, for the most part, are used to products at a lower price point, such as a bag of coffee or a pack of supplements. It’s important to kindly set expectations early on in the conversation and ask questions, so you know, as a supplier, if this product would do well in their stores. From there, you can determine sending a sample or not.

What’s next for HealthyLine? 

Griesbach plans to continue using RangeMe as an additional channel of finding new retail partners, especially with tradeshows currently non-existent. “In 2021, we plan on releasing several new jewelry products and updated versions of existing red light therapy products. We’re a company built on innovation and quality, so when items can be improved, we improve them. Stay tuned!” 

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