Physician’s Choice was founded in 2017 as an idea of Co-Founders Logan Chierotti and Ryan Russo. Cheirotti, as a lifelong supplement user and entrepreneur, saw an opportunity in the market for affordable supplements that were made from effective, pure and clinically proven ingredients. Physician’s Choice first sold their products direct-to-consumer on their website then expanded to Amazon, where they saw a significant opportunity to reach more customers. Physician’s Choice quickly became the fastest-growing brand on Amazon, with the #1 best-selling probiotic product. Channel Manager Scott Farina joined the team to further grow the brand by developing new sales channels and retailer relationships. After entering the Walmart online retail space, Physician’s Choice worked quickly to grow its footprint and enter more online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Most recently, Physician’s Choice made a connection with independent retailer Olivia’s Beauty through RangeMe. 

“If we wouldn’t take it, we don’t make it

Physician's Choice Probiotics

As a staple of Physician’s Choice philosophies, the motto “if we wouldn’t take it, we don’t make it” demonstrates the company’s passion for producing products with simple, clean ingredients and putting them into supplements that really work. 

“We don’t make any products at Physician’s Choice that we wouldn’t give to our families,” shares Farina. “We never play on the fads and trends; we create high-quality staple products that naturally improve the health of consumers in our communities.”

Opening the door to new opportunities 

Physician’s Choice is successfully selling on Amazon as a Best-Seller brand, but given the opportunities that still exist in both the online and retail spaces, there is even more drive to take what’s been working for them so far and apply it to as many sales channels as possible. 

Physician's Choice Magnesium Supplement

“As we continue to develop our e-commerce and brick-and-mortar channels, we are keeping an eye on retailers and partnerships that will benefit everyone the most: Us, our partners, the retailers, and our customers,” Farina says. 

In January 2020, Physician’s Choice signed up for RangeMe, added their full catalog of supplements, and got RangeMe Verified™.

“While we continue to build our brand with both independent buyers and mass-market channels, we saw RangeMe as the perfect bridge to connect and build relationships with quality retailers to help us get as many of our products into the hands of people who need them and want them,” said Farina. “It’s one hub to connect and get visibility from buyers and retailers we might have not been able to connect with before.” 

Soon after signing up, the brand was quickly discovered by popular independent retailer Olivia Beauty and received their first purchase order from them. 

Interest in independent retailers and beyond

Physician’s Choice is dedicated to finding retailers of all sizes to help grow their brand. Whether it’s through independent retailers to major retail chains, the end goal is to be a household name—not for notoriety but to ensure that everyone who wants access to pure, effective supplements has that access no matter where they are in the world. 

“We’re focused on connecting with retailers that share the same values as us. We’re excited about our new relationships with RangeMe and Olivia Beauty. We are excited and look forward to building many more partnerships in the near future while we continue to build out our product catalog,” says Farina. 

Advice to suppliers

“Working with a small- to medium-sized retailers has its perks and can play a big role in a brand’s success. It’s a great way to gradually increase brand awareness and get a taste of what it’s like to work with a retailer if you haven’t before. Independent retailers are flexible and you have to learn to be fluid as well.”  

While Physician’s Choice is excited to have formed their first relationship with a brick-and-mortar retailer on RangeMe, that’s just the beginning of many more success stories to come. 

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