One of the benefits of being a RangeMe Starter or Premium subscriber is that you can participate in retailer sourcing campaigns, increasing your chances of getting your products discovered. This is just what Gianna Malatrasi, Co-Founder & CEO of The Panza did. The brand was one of 12 selected by Madeleine Yastrow, Owner of Maddie’s Market, who ran a sourcing campaign this past summer (see full video interview with Malatrasi below!)

Maddie was looking to refresh her pantry selection with unique and innovative products across categories that her customers couldn’t find in nearby chain stores.

Sourcing Campaign

The Panza gourmet snacks are thin, crispy sweet cracker cookie sticks, each is artisan-crafted with impeccably sourced high-quality natural and organic ingredients that are non-GMO and vegetarian friendly – ideal to pair with coffee, tea, wine, cheeses, dips, fresh fruits, ice cream or added to charcuterie boards.

“We really enjoyed the sourcing campaign process, it was easy and straightforward,” says Malatrasi, who has been already seeing its products fly off the shelves at Maddie’s. “Everything is streamlined and clear. RangeMe allows smaller companies to showcase their products to so many prospective buyers, that it can be a gamechanger for any company that has a great product. The competition, especially in the food and beverage market is incredible, but somehow RangeMe allows for the smaller vendor to play as an equal against the larger more established company.”

Sourcing campaigns like the one hosted by Maddie’s Market are open to RangeMe Starter, Premium and Pro subscribers. Click here to upgrade to one of these plans.

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