When I started RangeMe back in 2013, I had a vision of a hyper-connected network of suppliers and buyers working together to deliver the best products to consumers. In only three years’ time, we’ve been able to take some very large steps towards that goal, first in Australia and New Zealand, and now in the United States.

RangeMe is a collaboration and without the suppliers and buyers we work with, we wouldn’t have been able to make the deep strides that we have, and we wouldn’t have been nearly as impactful on the CPG industry as we’ve been.

Now, as we move into a new phase of the RangeMe journey, we’ve taken our collaboration to the next level, and raised venture capital to expand our reach, and that of our suppliers and our buyers, to further inject efficiency and effectiveness into the CPG market.

We’re proud to announce we’ve raised $4 million in US capital from influential investors like Freestyle Capital, Simon Equity Partners, Transmedia Capital, Kevin Hartz (Founder and Chairman of Eventbrite) and Steve Jang (Advisor to Uber). As RangeMe continues to grow exponentially, this capital will enable us to further expand and deliver further success to both the supplier and retailer community. We can put necessary resources against key functions as we grow and expand across multiple leading retailers and continue to onboard tens of thousands of brands.

RangeMe is the first-of-its-kind CPG vertical marketplace, and that’s a position we don’t take for granted. With 11,000 fantastic product suppliers showcasing more than 50,000 unique and innovative products, we have a responsibility to continue improving the CPG industry, and a duty to be the best and most supportive partner to these suppliers and buyers that we can.

We’re seeing unprecedented product innovation in CPG today, and RangeMe is and will continue to be a part of that. Our investors recognize our market leadership and are championing us to go further, push harder, and do more.

And we will. With you. Together.

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