Recently I wrote about how retailers and suppliers are adjusting in this new CPG environment where consumers have 24/7 access to goods and services. I gave you my opinion on what suppliers need to remember (creativity!) to be successful, but I also wanted to hear from the suppliers themselves on what they’ve experienced.

So, I asked. Specifically, I wanted to know what, as a supplier, has been their biggest challenge in a 24/7 access world. And boy did they have something to say. Here, two retailers share a little bit of what they’re facing in this new era of CPG.

Tim Mark, CMO of Active Wow, producers of charcoal health and beauty products, says that his biggest challenge in the 24/7 access world is staying consistent across your brands. When your consumer has on-demand access to ordering your products anytime, anywhere, it’s essential the message you’re communicating to your consumers is not only heard, but the same no matter where you say it. “We have seen that this digitally savvy consumer is influenced by a wider variety of purchase influences than previous generations,” says Mark. “As we expand our channels of communication with our customers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to build cohesive messages across platforms between the ‘walled garden’ advertisers we work with.”

Michael Jiang is the chief scientific officer at Nerv, makers of Nerv Shots, the “anti-energy drink” that promotes mindfulness and calm. He sees one of their biggest challenges adapting to a bigger audience. “It’s one thing when you’re small to be shipping out X number of orders and then suddenly, when things ramp up, you have to adapt not just to the new volume, but to whole new systems of how you handle the orders,” he explains.

Jiang adds that the 24/7 access world has also created a demand for fidelity, pushed heavily by Amazon. “Their customers expect that when they make an order, it’s shipping out that day, whether it’s a Saturday or Sunday, any time of the day.” And that puts pressure on all online retailers, as consumers come to expect their orders to arrive at the speed of light.

Speaking of consumers, it’s no secret that their shopping behaviors are changing the way retailers and suppliers are doing business these days. And suppliers have something to say about that, too. But that’s another post for another day.

For now, I’d like to hear from more of you!

Are you a supplier? A retailer? What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the world of 24/7 access?

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