Expo West 2019 has come and gone. The event in Anaheim hosted thousands of meet and greets with some of the most well known retailers in the country, and for those suppliers who piqued the interest of buyers, this could be a top-notch year.   

So what garnered the most interest this year at Expo West? Was it green juice? Is candy making a comeback? Read on–the results may or may not surprise you.

1. Is Butter a Carb?

The keto diet has been making a huge impact in the health and fitness industry and now suppliers are cashing in on the trend. Many brands at Expo West this year featured products with no sugar, low carbs, but high in fatty acids. Ingredients like medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil) and pili nuts can now be found in most food and drinks to help those trying to reach ketosis quicker.1https://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/13396-oatmilk-keto-cbd-among-top-trends-at-expo-west

2. A Beverage That’s Oat of This World

It started with soy milk. Then came almond, cashew, macadamia. And now? Oat milk. That’s right, the next milk alternative that is flying off shelves is none other than milk made from your (new) favorite grain (Which, coincidentally, makes your morning bowl of Cheerios and oat milk incredibly meta). Originally popularized in Britain, people are reaching for the plant-based beverage more so now because of its richness in fiber as well as frothability compared to other milk alternatives.

3. Modern Munchies

While most traditional snacks, like chips, cookies, and bars, will always remain a classic staple in the diet of America, consumers have been opting for healthier versions of their go-to snacking favorites. Rice-based and grain-free snacking have edged in on the traditional snacking giants, making way for brands like Boom Chicka Pop to gain ground in the snack game.

4. Mushroom Magic

The popularity of plant-based foods and beverages has been on the rise for some time now. But most recently the emergence of mushroom-based products is making a name in CPG. The specialty foods are hitting home for the more adventurous and vegan snackers, with jerky, burgers, tea, and even chocolate being created out of a mushroom base.

5. The High Roller

CBD. You didn’t think we could finish this list off without talking about the hottest trend in CPG, did you? In 2018 CBD products came to life. 2019? CBD dominates the market. With the recent passing of the Farm Bill, CBD products can now command more interest in CPG.  The 2018 Farm Bill allowed CBD and hemp businesses to operate legally with banking services and tax deductibles.2https://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/herbs-botanicals/hemp-and-cbd-after-2018-farm-bill An array of new products infused with CBD or hemp are fueling stomachs and easing minds, from sparkling water to protein and brownie bites.

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