After a series of difficult experiences, Jackie Hirsch found healing and rejuvenation by incorporating matcha into her life. Her personal success inspired her to share with others a healthy way to cope and heal the mind and body, and with that vision, she created Healing Butterfly. Fast forward to today, and Healing Butterfly, a family-owned business by Hirsch, her husband, and daughter, offers a variety of flavorful vegan and sugar-free matcha and turmeric powders. Since signing up for RangeMe, Hirsch has been RangeMe’s number one fan. Read on to learn how Healing Butterfly took advantage of all RangeMe’s resources to evolve Healing Butterfly into a retail-ready brand. 

Introducing Healing Butterfly 

Healing Butterfly started its journey to retail with a “learning experience” mentality. Before starting Healing Butterfly–so named by her five-year-old daughter, who is also the company’s vice president–Hirsch had no previous knowledge of consumer packaged goods. They started by researching and calling matcha farms in Japan to find the most gentle and organic flavored matcha for her customers. “We want our customers to have the cleanest ingredients possible, and that’s why everything we sell is organic, vegan, and can be consumed despite what diet you fall under,” says Hirsch.” 

The Orlando-based company started out with original and vanilla matcha and has built its flavor portfolio from there, adding chocolate, earl gray, pumpkin spice, and even mint to their product mix. They have also expanded their product line to include turmeric powder elixirs and are looking forward to introducing their upcoming protein powders. 

“I feel like I’m a RangeMe groupie”

After joining RangeMe in October of 2017, Healing Butterfly evolved its branding, sales strategy, and overall knowledge of the CPG industry. According to Hirsch, RangeMe just made sense, and that’s what attracted her to the platform. “RangeMe organizes the chaos of the buying process and I knew after signing up we would be seen by more retailers outside of Florida – and we were,” Hirsch says. 

Hirsch follows RangeMe daily and reviews all of its resources to prepare her on what it takes to get into retail and be seen by buyers on the platform. 

“I feel like I’m a RangeMe groupie. I read all of the articles, emails, watch all of the webinars which were revolutionary for our brand. The first webinar I ever watched, the speaker pointed out several terms and buzzwords that needed to be evident in marketing and packaging to help be more visible to buyers,” says Hirsch. With that advice, Hirsch was able to develop Healing Butterfly’s packaging from bags to boxes, and which made her brand more appealing to buyers browsing RangeMe searching for shelf-ready products. 

Women empowerment 

One important aspect of being a successful brand is sharing what makes you unique, and the company’s latest certification is one Hirsch is proud to share. “Healing Butterfly officially became a certified women-owned business this year,” she says and keeps women empowerment at the core of her business. Almost all of her employees are women, and she has made it her goal to hire and support talented women in graphic design, marketing, photography, and more which has allowed her brand to grow exponentially. 

The butterfly effect

Executing on all that she has learned from RangeMe has allowed Hirsch to grow Healing Butterfly into the retail-ready brand it is today. She’s used lessons she learned about branding, packaging, specific distribution compliances, or the importance of diversity,  to sell her products in a number of retailers from Kroger to Amazon and even Walt Disney World Hotels, Disney Cruise Lines, and Universal Studios. 

RangeMe has provided her all the right resources to prepare her brand to compete in the retail industry, but Hirsh also has the right mentality for success. “Don’t give up too early,” she shares. “You’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay but don’t be afraid to try a different direction. Sometimes you need to keep hitting small goals in order to get a home run. Just keep going.”

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