Spritzal Cookie Company Co-Founder Taylor Elizabeth Walker leaves no stone unturned when it comes to growing her brand. Each morning at 8AM she’s on RangeMe checking out her profile insights to see what’s trending with buyers, and also seeing which retailers are conducting reviews in her category and what immediate retail opportunities are available.

She’s also a huge proponent of submitting products to relevant RangeMe and ECRM Summits, which are available to all Starter, Premium and Pro subscribers (click here to see the benefits of each RangeMe subscription tier). As a certified women-owned brand, these have included approximately a dozen supplier diversity summits, as well.

Watch the full video interview with Spritzal’s Taylor Walker

RangeMe successes

This proactive approach to leveraging RangeMe for connecting with buyers has paid off — she’s landed several deals, including two national retailers, and is in talks with several others.

In the video interview above with Joseph Tarnowski — who met Taylor via the CPG Vibes LinkedIn Live events (of which RangeMe is a sponsor), she shares the origin of the brand from her grandmother’s recipe card to the thriving business it is today, as well as some best practices that have helped her on RangeMe and in her buyer meetings.

Check out the Spritzal Cookie Company website, here, and be sure to check out CPG Vibes with Alex Bayer and Wade Yenny live on LinkedIn every Friday afternoon!


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