Are you looking to fund production for an upcoming purchase order? Look no further— Kickfurther is here! 

When it comes to growing your consumer packaged goods brand quickly, raising cash to create product inventory for retail buyers to place purchase orders is a must. But, if you don’t have that cash on hand to make the products, what do you do? First step? Turn to Kickfurther. Kickfurther can help raise the cash you need to make the products you sell. Keep reading to learn more about Kickfurther and how they help emerging brands get their products into retail stores through inventory funding.

How does Kickfurther work?


Kickfurther is the world’s first inventory financing platform that enables businesses selling through any combination of direct-to-consumer, online, wholesale, or retail channels to raise working capital. Kickfurther connects brands to a community of eager buyers who help fund the inventory on consignment and gives brands the flexibility to pay that back as they receive cash from their sales. This alleviates the cash-flow pinch that lenders can cause without customized repayment schedules, allowing your brand to scale quickly without impeding your ability to maintain inventory or financial flexibility. When working with Kickfurther, suppliers are not required to contribute marketing videos or special content. 

“At Kickfurther, we help solve one of the hardest problems CPG brands face: how to fund the production of their inventory,” says David Koifman, Head of Growth at Kickfurther. “Kickfurther was started to help brands purchase inventory to meet demand and trajectory without being limited by cash on hand.” 

Are there qualifications to work with Kickfurther? 

Product suppliers interested in working with Kickfurther must fit a few basic requirements. Kickfurther will work with brands that:

  • Are a business entity that operates in the United States
  • Have made over $150k in the last 12 months
  • Offer a shelf-stable product or a 12-month+ stable non-refrigerated product 
  • Have a 600+ business owner credit score

What are the perks of choosing Kickfurther?

Aside from a supportive and outgoing team, Kickfurther provides a lot of benefits for their customers. 

  1. Relaxed payment obligations – After receiving funding from Kickfurther, payment obligations only begin once you achieve sales. For brands emerging in the industry, this helps alleviate cashflow pinches that you might encounter with other lenders that don’t offer customized repayment schedules. For brands, having cash flow is important to focus on scaling your businesses without focusing on maintaining inventory. 
  2. Cheaper funding – Kickfurther offers 30% cheaper funding rates compared to industry standards and provides higher limits compared to other major factoring and purchase order financing businesses. 
  3. Fast funding – Once your funding is approved and your deal goes live on Kickfurther, most deals fund within a day, sometimes even minutes to an hour!
  4. Easy to use and grows with your brand – Businesses access higher funding limits on Kickfurther paired with lower rates for another funding opportunity when they return to Kickfurther. This helps create a scalable solution that grows alongside a brand. 
Kickfurther team
The Kickfurther Team

A Knockout Partnership: Poop Like a Champion x Kickfurther

When Poop Like a Champion, a supplier on RangeMe, was looking for a finance service provider in RangeMe Services, they came across Kickfurther. They reached out and requested a quote, and they’ve been partners ever since. 

But let’s back up–you’re probably wondering what in the world is Poop Like a Champion? Well, it’s the number one brand for number twos. Karl Kronenberger launched Poop Like a Champion in 2015 as an Internet-only brand. The idea behind the brand was to use humor to address a taboo topic – constipation. And they sure nailed it with a name that makes you 1. Do a double-take; 2. Giggle; and 3. Look to learn more. They offer a line of three fiber-full products, including cereal, tea, and gummies. Since launching, Poop Like a Champion has been a wild success, with thousands of reviews on Amazon. 

Poop Like A Champion

Kronenberger signed Poop Like a Champion up on RangeMe to get his brand and products in front of retailers. And eventually encountered a dilemma most suppliers come across at some point in their business lifecycle: They needed financing to complete a purchase order. So Kronenberger took to RangeMe Services to find a finance provider and discovered Kickfurther. 

“Kickfurther was the first provider we reached out to in RangeMe Services and is our only financing partner to this date,” says Kronenberger. “We loved that we can pay our funds back as we sell product.” 

Kickfurther has helped several brands grow their business by providing funds to focus on what’s essential – scaling their business by selling products. 

“RangeMe has been an extremely valuable tool for our clients to expand wholesale channels and a great way for us to meet growing brands like Poop Like a Champion, that need cashflow support as they land big buyer accounts,” says Koifman. 

For Poop Like a Champion, Kickfurther has been a great partnership and opportunity for their business to grow. “Without Kickfurther’s financial support, we wouldn’t have been prepared to talk to the retailers RangeMe helps our brand get in front of,” says Kronenberger. And as of recently, Poop Like a Champion has built the brand to be so successful through the financial support of Kickfurther and retail partnerships through RangeMe, that they have sold their brand and are starting the next phase of their journey.

So if you’re a supplier looking for funding for your next purchase order, connect with Kickfurther in RangeMe Services here

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