With a passion for philanthropy and close ties to their Scottsdale, Arizona neighborhood, brother-sister team Christopher and Shana Murad are turning D’s Market into a haven for trendy, health-focused products that support charitable causes. Learn how this independent market uses RangeMe to source products with a purpose, while giving back to their community.

A market with a mission

Like most small business owners, Shana Murad wears many hats, and that includes serving as the primary buyer for D’s Market. When Shana and Christopher inherited D’s Market from their father, Shana started brainstorming ways to expand the market to better benefit the local community.

“I asked myself how we could support our community without just donating outwardly,” Shana explains. “That’s when we came up with the idea of making 50% of our SKUs brands that support charities, because caring for other people’s health and supporting the environment motivates us.”

With this goal in mind, the Murad siblings began searching for a way to easily discover and source brands that would support their mission—a search that led them to RangeMe.

Making a difference with RangeMe

Since signing up for RangeMe, D’s Market has been able to increase the number of brands and products on their store shelves that help their customers lead healthier lives and cope with dietary restrictions, while also giving back to their local and global community.

“There are so many brands we’ve brought in through RangeMe — especially ones that support charities — like MadeGood Foods, Bizzy, and Amazi Foods,” Shana says. “It’s so cool to see how many brands are trying to do their part and give back.”

“With RangeMe, I have the tools to run my business the way that I want.”

Shana also likes the control and diverse range of options that RangeMe gives her when discovering and sourcing products. “With RangeMe, I have the tools to run my business the way that I want, and not have it be like a wild goose chase to find products,” she explains. “RangeMe has shown me that there is a plethora of product choices, and you can serve your community better with all of these options.”

Why small is big

Along with supporting her community and charitable causes, Shana is also passionate about helping small brands grow. She wants suppliers to be excited about working with smaller, independent retailers like D’s Market, because of all the unique benefits that larger retailers may not be able to offer.

“We have the flexibility to bring in products that bigger retailers might not carry yet, and to experiment with trends and products we think might be popular,” Shana says. “And, because 90% of our customers are return customers, we’re able to develop relationships with them and ask them what they want.”

Ultimately, Shana explains, “that’s what drives us to use RangeMe so much. The excitement that the customers get when they come in and find something new, and it makes their lives more exciting, or healthier, or easier—even if it’s just for a little while—that makes it worth it to us.”

A fresh future

The Murads are excited about the future of D’s Market and the positive influence they can have for their customers and their community by using RangeMe to discover and source healthy products at D’s Market.

“It might seem small, but it’s rewarding when people come in and tell us this is the only place they can get the food that works for them,” Shana says.

Moving forward, Shana and Christopher hope to introduce a fresh food component to the store while also expanding their healthy options. And, Shana notes, because of the availability of so many products on RangeMe that match their ethos, these hopes could very soon become reality.

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