This summer, RangeMe, and our Preferred Services partners will launch a series of weekly content aimed at providing emerging brands with insights to help them boost sales, maintain strong cash flow, elevate advertising, optimize logistics, and champion environmental sustainability as they gear up for this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. 

The series, collectively titled S.C.A.L.E (for Sales, Cash Flow, Advertising & Awareness, Logistics, and Environmental Sustainability) brings together the expertise and experience of RangeMe Services members KickFurther, Hawke Media, ShipBob, and Ecodrive to equip brands with best practices to help them grow and thrive.

“Each of our Preferred Partners participating in S.C.A.L.E. have expertise in key areas related to CPG growth,” says Vir Satyan, SVP of Supplier Success at RangeMe. “They will share knowledge gained from their collective experience in helping steer hundreds of CPG brands along a path to success.”

The series kicks off the week of July 15th, with each week featuring a variety of content from a different partner. Following is the S.C.A.L.E. summer content schedule:

Week of July 15: Hawke Media

Digital marketing agency Hawke Media will host a webinar in which Senior Growth Expert & GM of Hawke Capital, David Chon, will discuss how to master the marketing funnel to achieve record sales, especially in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Among the topics to be covered are building a full-funnel marketing strategy, having the right foundation, acquisition strategies and building trust and retention.

It will also share insights on crafting a unique brand story, analyzing the buyer’s journey, improving the customer’s experience, and improving website performance.

Week of July 22: Kickfurther

Inventory funding provider Kickfurther will equip brands with insights and strategies around managing cash flow, leveraging various inventory funding options and optimizing supply chain practices, as well as how to manage your business around high-season demand. 

Week of July 29: Ecodrive

Ecodrive helps brands integrate eco-friendly practices into their businesses, from ocean plastic removal to reforestation to help contribute to a greener planet and build stronger connections with environmentally conscious customers. In this week of content, Ecodrive will show how impact actions can help brands retain customers and increase conversions this upcoming holiday season. It will also share insights on how to optimize this for both digital and retail growth.

Week of August 5th: Shipbob

Efficient logistics are key to handling increased demand during peak seasons. ShipBob, which helps CPG suppliers streamline their fulfillment processes, will share information suppliers need to prepare their fulfillment and operations for the upcoming holiday season, including optimizing their supply chains to manage the surge in holiday orders.

Ready to SCALE?

Summer is the perfect time to prepare for a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. Our content series will guide you through expert tips and resources from RangeMe and its preferred partners. Each week, you’ll gain valuable insights into maximizing sales, managing cash flow, enhancing advertising, streamlining logistics, and adopting sustainable practices. Let’s work together to SCALE your brand and reach new heights. Click here to learn more!

Stay tuned for a summer of growth, innovation, and success!

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