If you’ve been paying attention…at all…to the CPG industry these days, then you can probably guess what I’m about to say:

CBD oil and all the products it infuses are the hottest thing since…well, anything, it seems. It’s taking the health and wellness category, and potentially the food industry as a whole by storm, FDA approval be damned. It seems the mantra of the pro-CBD movement is “let no product be left unturned,” thus we’re seeing CBD oil-infused pet products, beverages, lotions, and so, so much more.  

In short, CBD is where it’s at.

Or is it?

I’m all for products featuring ingredients that are better-for-you, and will aid a person on his or her health and wellness journey. I’m also all for products that work in these ingredients smartly, and aren’t simply throwing ingredients into products because said ingredient is buzzworthy.

Because while a new ingredient may be making waves, that doesn’t mean you, as a supplier, should drop everything and rush to work it into your product formula, or even consider including it in your formulation. (I’m looking at you, Coca-Cola and Mondelez.)

Here are three questions to ask yourself about your product, if you’re considering going down the CBD path:

1.     Is it right for your product? Assume that the FDA is going to give CBD its stamp of approval, blowing open entry for innumerable new products. What would your product gain from the addition of CBD? Besides, of course, tapping into a very prominent trend. It’s a question suppliers really need to think about, because if it doesn’t work out, and consumers aren’t flocking to this new version, there’s damage control that will need to be done when you switch back to the original formula. Think about the implications beyond recent headlines.   

2.     Are you adding full-spectrum, or CBD isolate? There’s a difference, and using one or the other could affect the effectiveness of your product. Educate yourself before you add one or the other.

3.     Does your audience really want it? This plays into the first question, but it’s important enough to consider every angle. Who is your audience, and are they interested in CBD-infused products? If they are, great! You could really deliver on a consumer demand. And if they aren’t, great! Not everyone is going to be a CBD enthusiast, and if your product is already a hit with consumers, there’s no reason to force the issue. (In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

Still considering it? Cool. Just make sure to do your research so you know exactly what it is that you’re including in your product, what your consumers want, and what it can—or can’t—do for your product. Be an informed supplier, and consumers will thank you.  

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