Growing up in India, founders Azra and Shakeel have fond memories of perfume oils, also known as Attar, made of natural ingredients and delicious smelling aromas that are very popular in their home country. After moving to the United States, they saw a great opportunity for clean, alcohol and toxin free perfumes that consumers would love. With the mission of changing the perfume industry, Zoha Fragrances was launched in 2014, bringing with it a line of unique, long-lasting fragrances made entirely of clean ingredients.

Zoha Fragrances bottles

Today, Zoha Fragrances is a family owned and operated business. Founders Azra and Shakeel run the day-to-day company operations and formulate new scents while their daughter Zoha runs their marketing. As their e-commerce distribution grew, they wanted to expand their reach into brick-and-mortar, so Shakeel decided to sign up for RangeMe. Since joining, several retail doors have opened for Zoha Fragrances, including, most recently, Drug Emporium. Continue reading to learn more about Zoha Fragrances and how they use RangeMe to grow their retail leads. 

What makes Zoha Fragrances stand out

Most consumers are familiar with alcohol-based mainstream perfumes, which while very potent, fade quickly. Alcohol-based perfumes also have different top, middle, and base notes, which evaporate separately, giving off different scents throughout the day. 

Zoha Fragrances created a different experience compared to mainstream perfumes. Their oil-based perfumes do not contain any alcohol, artificial colors, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Oil-based perfumes have one single note that blends with each person’s skin chemistry and evolves into a unique, personal scent that stays with the wearer all day. 

“Our fragrances come in a variety of scents including floral, earthy, and cultural scents that are familiar to different parts of the world,” says Shakeel. “Some of our best selling scents include sandalwood, jasmine, amber, and white musk, and we offer each scent in a 9-ml and 15-ml roll-on and a 15-ml and 50-ml oil-mist spray bottle.”  

Each bottle of Zoha Fragrances is carefully crafted and blended in California with ingredients produced from suppliers known for high-quality products. With such carefully curated perfumes, there is a scent for everyone. 

Zoha Fragrances Floral Scent

Clean beauty just makes scents in retail

There’s no ignoring consumer demand for clean beauty products over the past few years. As the category grows, several indie brands have increased their visibility with consumers and expanded their retail reach. Zoha Fragrances is one of the brands leading the way in clean perfumes. 

As a trailblazer for clean ingredient perfumes, they’ve made deals with several retailers and dominated the e-commerce space, including through their website, Amazon, and Walmart. Through RangeMe, Zoha Fragrances has connected with retailers with physical store locations, including Beauty Bridge and Drug Emporium. 

RangeMe as a sales tool

Shakeel signed Zoha Fragrances up for RangeMe Premium four years ago to submit their products to Whole Foods Market and quickly became a fan of the retail opportunities RangeMe offered their brand. After getting RangeMe Verified™ shortly after signing up, Shakeel has since leaned on RangeMe to fill their lack of a large sales team. 

“RangeMe has been a blessing for us; with RangeMe, Indie brands like Zoha can get showcased to big and small retailers which opened our doors with Beauty Bridge and pharmacy chain Drug Emporium out of West Virginia,” says Shakeel. “RangeMe is like our very own sales department because of how many retail leads we can gather from the platform.” 

Up next for Zoha Fragrances

The pandemic has presented some difficult challenges for many brands, and Zoha Fragrances hasn’t been immune. To navigate these challenging times, they’ve amped up their digital strategies including participating in virtual buyer meetings in place of trade shows, increasing their use of RangeMe, engaging with conferences (they were recently featured in the Clean Beauty Conference!), and boosting their digital marketing efforts on social media and Google. 

To build on the goal of providing a scent for every consumer, Zoha Fragrances has big plans to introduce new floral and fruity perfumes to expand its demographic to the Gen Z market. 

Zoha Fragrances Perfume Selection

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