Before “transparency” and “clean” became mainstream in the consumer packaged good industry, Puori was helping define the movement. Originally launched in 2009 out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Puori entered the United States in 2014 with a commitment and an uncompromising desire to support healthy lifestyles with transparent and clean products. Since 2018, Thomas Carlsen, Global Account and Partnership Manager at Puori, has been leading the initiative to promote Puori products to new retail channels in the United States with the help of RangeMe. Read on to learn how Puori uses their RangeMe profile to market itself to the retailers searching for better-for-you products. 

Puori’s promise for better

Puori is committed to changing the supplement industry by leading the movement to increase transparency and clean labeling. What began ten years ago with their IFOS Certified fish oil and the ambition to create a transparent, honest, and quality food supplement brand has transformed into a new way the brand tests its products. Each batch of Puori products is carefully tested by a third-party independent laboratory and the results are made public via the Clean Label Project’s website. This ensures that every product lives up to the strictest standards of purity where all consumers can review.   

Puori offers a small and curated product collection of health supplements. In the United States Puori offers fish oil, magnesium, vitamins, probiotics, and protein that has been awarded the cleanest protein in the United States. 

Retail history and connections 

Just like their products, Puori’s first retail connection in the United States was unconventional, tapping into the gym-retail market when they were picked up by CrossFit® gyms and personal trainers. 

The Puori team prioritizes partnering with retailers that appreciate and align with their mission to bring only the cleanest products to customers. Carlsen and his team are able to use RangeMe to market their products to attract these types of retailers but also introduce retailers that might not be familiar with their standard for clean products and transparency. By doing so, Puori has been able to connect with several retailers including Earth Fare, Wegmans, and more. 

Why RangeMe? 

Puori protein powder

The Puori team joined RangeMe in 2018 and what kept Puori on the platform is the insights to see what’s trending in the industry, buyer visibility, and the ability to see what buyers are viewing their profile. “RangeMe keeps innovating and updating their profile to make it more successful for brands to know how buyers are interacting with their profile” explains Carlsen. 

Puori uses RangeMe as a marketing tool by strategically updating and improving their profile to include key and unique selling points so they can ensure their profile is getting into the right buyer searches and in front of the right buyers. Carlsen also shared that he is using RangeMe during trade shows to share their products with buyers and during post-tradeshow follow up with buyers.

“RangeMe is helping us get Puori out there in a digestible and dynamic way, it’s an intuitive tool and more and more retailers are picking up on RangeMe and are using RangeMe to source products,” says Carlsen. “RangeMe gives us functionality and ease of getting your brand out there, by being able to specify things about your brand and get your products in front of the right buyers.” 

Puori has big plans for 2020 and is excited to continue its journey of growing their presence and standards in the industry. Carlsen is confident they will be able to do so, thanks to RangeMe. By continuing to use RangeMe as a marketing and sales tool, and leveraging Insights and Sharing on RangeMe, Puori will be able to strengthen their retailer partnerships and stay top of mind as the best and most transparent product on the market.

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