One moment you’re building a business with a great product in mind, and the next customers are purchasing your product left and right. These are exciting times for an emerging brand but it can be difficult to manage orders all on your own. WHOA WATER found themselves in this very position and decided to search RangeMe Services to get help from an industry expert. They found Ware2Go, an on-demand warehousing and fulfillment solutions service provider that has been able to prepare their business for successful fulfillment orders. Read on to learn more about how WHOA WATER discovered Ware2Go through RangeMe Services and how Ware2Go can help set your business up for success. 

Fiber infused flavored water for kids

Two college best friends, Matthew Snitzer and Patrick Danner, were on a vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama, when they realized there was a huge need for a healthy alternative to sodas and sugary drinks that kids will actually enjoy. They came up with “WHOA WATER,” flavored water intended to provide children and families across the world with a healthy and tasty alternative to sugar-filled beverages. The dynamic duo took their product idea to the Louisiana State University AgCenter Food Incubator and developed a fiber-infused, naturally sweetened flavored water. The beverages are packaged in a pouch, similar to a Capri Sun, in flavors like Berry Bananza and Funky Fruit Punch, that appeal to the look and flavors kids love.

WHOA WATER signed up with RangeMe in 2019, uploaded its product variants, and are working on building retailer connections on the platform. Meanwhile, their e-commerce business is taking off and they found themselves in need of a fulfillment service. Google provided an overwhelming amount of search results but most of the providers Snitzer and Danner found required a minimum order which for a brand just starting out, like WHOA WATER, could not do. So the pair took their search to RangeMe Services because they knew these providers knew how to work with an emerging brand. 

“We found that RangeMe Services had the ability to search for exactly what we were looking for and the services that were listed were narrowed down by providers who actually wanted to work with growing brands,” says Snitzer and Danner. “Through RangeMe services we were able to find Ware2Go. They were flexible with our warehousing needs.”

What2Know about Ware2Go

Ware2Go logo

Ware2Go is a provider of on-demand warehousing and fulfillment solutions with a service model that’s built to simplify and streamline the operational process for merchants to fulfill orders of any size and quantity within one to two days. Its flexible service model enables merchants to easily store their inventory in any of the dozens of distribution centers across the U.S., and their professional fulfillment teams quickly pick, pack, and deliver orders across all merchants’ sales channels. Suppliers get the ease of receiving industry expertise in their warehousing and shipping efforts but they also can maintain visibility and control across the entire process through Ware2Go’s cloud-based warehouse management system and set of API integrations. Below is a visual of Ware2Go’s fulfillment process.

Helping brands grow

“Working with new but rapidly expanding suppliers like WHOA WATER is exactly what Ware2Go’s service model is built for,” shares Tom Cahill, Customer Success Manager at Ware2Go.  “In the case of WHOA WATER, they were a new brand with a small team and no existing fulfillment structure in place to manage orders. Then suddenly, they get a couple of big clients and they launch their e-commerce site, and now they have to quickly figure out how to distribute inventory and deliver orders to all of these customers.” With Ware2Go, WHOA WATER was quickly given access to a nationwide network of distribution centers that they can use-as-needed to position inventory as close to their end customers as possible. “And as new orders come in, our team of experts manages all fulfillment and delivery workflows on their behalf,” Cahill adds. “The end result is that WHOA WATER can provide fast and affordable delivery to all their customers across the U.S. without having to manage, store, or fulfill new orders on their own.”

Now that Snitzer and Danner have their fulfillment structure in place and running smoothly through Ware2Go, they are excited to focus on growing WHOA WATER and building retail partners and connections on RangeMe. 

For a brand that’s just starting out and receiving purchase orders, it is important to find the right warehousing and fulfillment partner that meets your business’ needs. Explore Ware2Go and other shipping services providers in RangeMe Services.

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