Science shows that lifestyle changes including a predominantly whole food plant-nutritious diet may help prevent and even reverse 80% of heart disease, 70% of strokes, 90% of type 2 diabetes, and 70% of cancers worldwide. 1 Unfortunately…

  1. Our highly processed standard American diet is making us sick. (Low in whole grains, fruits and fiber, and high in added sugars, sodium, and added fats)
  2. There are no widely accepted standards for the term plant-based.
  3. 72% of the American public say healthy food options are too hard to find. 

Food labels can be confusing and at times misleading. The perception is that words like vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based equate to healthy, when in reality, not all these foods are plant-nutritious or healthy. Without any standard requirements (beyond no animal-based ingredients) these foods can be high in added sugars, sodium, and calories in addition to processing aids and artificial ingredients.

Plant-based Perception

As the plant-based space continues to grow at its phenomenal pace, things will only get more confusing for consumers. To remedy that, Plantricious is carving out its own unique new food category for prepared and packaged plant-based foods, one that is based upon nutrition guidelines created and endorsed by the nation’s leading healthcare experts. As the trusted seal for plant-based nutrition, the Certified Plantricious, and Plantricious Friendly certifications serve as tools making it easy for consumers to find the nutrient-dense, fiber-filled, health-promoting, plant-based foods their healthcare practitioners are prescribing.

Why does this matter? It matters because 83% of consumers are choosing to eat more plants for health reasons. 2 If they are not seeing the results they are expecting from these foods, most likely they will give up and go back to eating their standard American diet. And from our research and point of view, this would not be good for their health, the health of the planet, or the plant-based food industry. That is why Plantricious took on the mission to make plant-nutritious choices easy.  

The Plantricious certification was created in direct response to requests from the healthcare community. With 78% of consumers changing their eating habits per their healthcare professional’s guidance, these practitioners wanted an easy way to help their patients make nutritious choices. 3 Working hand-in-hand with the healthcare community and its leaders we set out to define guidelines supported by science and create a seal that could be trusted and recommended. The Plantricious certification gives these health and purchase influencers a simple solution when patients ask “What can I eat?” The answer? “Just look for the Plantricious seal!”

Our relationship with the healthcare community and our curated ecosystem gives Plantricious certified food brands unrivaled access to a thriving community of healthcare professionals and their patients. Partnering with organizations like the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and the ACLM Corporate Roundtable provides our brand partners unique opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders working to transform healthcare. 

At Plantricious, we are thrilled to be partnering with RangeMe to create a category within their platform that will provide Plantricious certified brands a place where they can stand out as the plant-nutritious choice within the booming plant-based market space. 

Benefits of Plantricious Certification

  • Differentiates your brand as a plant-nutritious choice
  • Positions your brand as a leader in a unique market category
  • Aligns your brand with the healthcare community 
  • Elevates your brand among multiple demographics
  • Offers an easy and affordable way to refresh and upgrade your brand
  • Demonstrates your commitment to truth and transparency in labeling
  • Builds deeper customer trust and loyalty
  • Provides co-branded marketing opportunities
  • Gives your brand access to a thriving community of healthcare practitioners and health-conscious consumers 
Plantricious Guidelines
Plantricious Guidelines

Become Plantricious Certified:

Step 1: Download and complete the application documents

Step 2: Application review by our third-party certifier, Health

Step 3 Certification approval & welcome to the Plantricious team!

For Plantricious guideline standards, fee schedule, and more information regarding Plantricious certification please visit the “Get Certified” page on our website. You can connect with us at or directly through RangeMe Services here.

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