The product approvals team here at RangeMe sees a ton of products every day. With more than 60,000 SKUs on our platform, that’s a huge number of products to review.

But with all this exposure to these products comes great wisdom on what makes a standout product profile. Before we get to that, though, let’s start with why we review each and every product that gets posted on RangeMe.

Why we do it

The reason we review products is actually core to RangeMe’s mission of connecting retail buyers with amazing products like yours. Product information comes in numerous shapes and sizes–your website, your pricing sheet, your sales deck…all of these sources house information you want to get in the hands of retail buyers. Multiply this by the hundreds and you can see how a lot of noise can be created for buyers.

With RangeMe, we’ve boiled these sales and marketing tools down into one simple and standardized layout. Buyers love simplicity, so as we review products, we’re making sure you’ve crossed all the T’s and dotted the I’s so you can give yourself the best chance of getting discovered by retailers. Taking this extra step to review your product is one more way we want to actively help you along on your journey of innovation.

A note on product fields

Before I get into the qualities of a solid product posting on RangeMe, I should mention why each field on the basic edit form is important.

Every field you see as a supplier on RangeMe is used as a search filter for the buyers on our site. This means that everything from price to location and more are used by buyers to sort through the thousands of products on our platform to provide them the best possible match. By simply completing your profile you have an advantage when listing your product.

What makes a great product posting? Here are a few key attributes:

  1. High quality images

    Here’s an example of a great product profile image (and shows you how buyers first see your product on our site). Also, I think caffeinated shaving cream is a great idea…

    People are visual creatures, and your product image is the first thing buyers will see. The higher the quality the better. Tip: Use a clear picture of your product on a white background for best results.

  2. Accurate categories
    Whether you work in beauty in Boise or you’re producing food in Fargo, buyers all over the world look for products by category and subcategory. Make sure you accurately list your products so buyers in those categories can easily find them.
  3. Product certifications
    Are you USDA Organic? Fair Trade Certified? Find your certifications in our list and help your products stand out.
  4. Where your products are currently available
    It’s important for buyers to know the current presence of your product in the marketplace. If you’re a proven product, show it by listing the retailers where you currently sell. New to the market? Don’t worry, our buyers are also looking to discover brand new products never before seen on store shelves.
  5. List all your variants
    Use the advanced edit mode to list the different variations of your products. Flavors and colors are just a couple examples of variants you can list in one product listing.

Now that you know what makes a great product listing, login to RangeMe and make sure your products are up to date. If you haven’t added a product or your entire brand line, go ahead and upload as many as you can to give yourself the best chance of getting discovered by our retail buyers.

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