Founded in 2004, Beauty Bridge is a growing prestige marketplace for high-end, niche beauty brands. The current team of four buyers search for established and emerging brands to sell on their eCommerce site and showcase in their esteemed flagship brick-and-mortar location in Nutley, NJ, about 30 minutes outside of New York City. 

When Beauty Bridge first tapped into the beauty industry they focused on selling high-end beauty brands and has since shifted into selling more affordable, emerging brands unique to customers with different interests. To find the most anticipated brands on the market, Kate Pienpuck, Head Buyer and Managing Partner at Beauty Bridge, and her team of buyers is using RangeMe to source new products. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Pienpuck to learn more about why she chose RangeMe as a product discovery tool, what she and her team look for in brands, and some of the trends they’re looking for.

RangeMe: So, why RangeMe? 

Pienpuck: As many retail buyers are familiar with, the process of discovering new and emerging brands is busy, time-consuming, and oftentimes unorganized. We were looking for a more structured and seamless way to source products which is why we decided on implementing RangeMe to bridge the connection between their business and new brands. 

We’re always looking for new brands and brands are always contacting us. RangeMe is a flawless tool for us to organize the product submission process so that we can not only review brands but respond in a timely manner.

RangeMe: What are you looking for on RangeMe?

Pienpuck: At Beauty Bridge, we’re looking for very specific brands that are not only exclusive and up-and-coming but brands that have the right information showcased on their profile. 

RangeMe: What fields do you check before messaging a supplier? 

Pienpuck: There are several criteria we need to check off the list before considering doing business with a brand. 

The first thing I check when looking at a brand is the product type to see if it matches with our brand. Second, I look at the pricing and make sure the price margin is within our criteria of a minimum of 45 percent. Next, I will look at distribution and see where the brand’s products are currently being sold followed by packaging, their website, all types of products they are selling, and customer reviews on those products.

We also always look at Instagram while reviewing a brand. For us here at Beauty Bridge, it is important that we bring in brands with a strong social media presence, follower base, and cohesive, on-brand aesthetic that aligns with our brand. 

RangeMe: Do you search for Verified brands?

Pienpuck: Yes, that is very important! We only consider doing business with RangeMe Verified™ brands. That is how we know they are ready for retail. 

RangeMe: What do you wish more suppliers highlighted in their profile? 

Pienpuck: When I search RangeMe for new products, sometimes I come across brands that don’t include enough information or their information is not up to date. For example, I want as much detail as possible on distribution, pricing, and include all the products sold by that brand. 

Give as much information as you can because some buyers might pass brands up because of lacking information.  

RangeMe: Are there any trends you’re searching for right now? 

Pienpuck: Quite a few, however, it is case by case. Right now CBD, natural ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free are top of mind for our buyers. 

As Beauty Bridge continues to grow its presence in the retail industry, its buyers are utilizing RangeMe more frequently to source the créme de la créme of emerging beauty brands. With the new buyer experience that introduced Collections and Saved Search, Pienpuck and the Beauty Bridge buyers will be able to source trending products more accurately and frequently. 

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