When co-founders Josh Williams and Eric Prum launched their first product as college students six years ago,  they knew their idea for The Mason Shaker was not only a good one, but it needed to get out into the retail world. The duo’s eye-catching and functional food and drink essentials can now be found in stores nationwide under the rapidly growing W&P brand, with no signs of slowing down. With the help of RangeMe, W&P is targeting retailers and tapping into new markets. Read on to find out how W&P was able to capitalize on emerging trends and implement RangeMe into their business plan.

Trendsetting products

In 2012, just as the mason jar trend was taking off, Williams and Prum were inspired to create their first barware product, “The Mason Shaker,” which turned the classic ball jar on its head, modifying and reinventing it into a cocktail shaker. The bar essential was an instant hit, and the duo decided to capitalize on their innovative design strategy and trend spotting aptitude to grow their product line from mixing glasses to ice trays to their leading product, the “Carry on Cocktail Kit” which is sold across retailers big and small. With a growing product assortment and distinctive, functional designs, W&P has established a name for themselves in the houseware industry.

In comes RangeMe

W&P is growing quickly and is seeing new opportunities to expand its customer base and reach new retailers that may not initially be familiar with the design-oriented brand. “W&P can currently be found anywhere from department stores to small independent mom and pop shops,” says Hannah Bartch, sales and business development manager at W&P. “There is even a section of the team that focuses on custom private label opportunities. We’re launching products every season, meaning we’re constantly searching for new retail stores to get into.”

Bartch decided to create a Verified RangeMe Profile because “a lot of grocery chains that we wanted to reach out to were already on RangeMe,” she says. “When you go to their product submission page on their website it directs you to RangeMe. This is what initially nudged us to create a profile since we saw a large amount of buying opportunity on the platform. The larger retail chains buying process is systematic and it is important to be on a platform like RangeMe if you want to get in front of the right people.”

Since being on RangeMe, the Profile Insights feature has become a favorite for Bartch and the W&P team. She uses it to track and manage retailers that have been checking out their profile and determine opportunities in retailers to connect with on and off the platform.

World take over

Currently, W&P’s bread and butter is their strong presence in independent and small boutique retailers. With their wide assortment of products, they see a huge opportunity for placement in grocery and specialty retailers, or even fast-casual restaurants.

The W&P team is also keeping an eye on trends that can help them design new products and determine which retailers could make strong, strategic partners. They’re investing in the sustainability movement, as they’ve seen its importance to consumers, in addition to being an essential part of the company’s overall mission. This initiative inspired them to launch the Porter collection in hopes of inspiring consumers to eliminate their single-use plastic.

W&P has seen strong success since their inception, which Bartch attributes to a sincere desire to bring to market products that work for everyone. “W&P has designed products for everyone that are of quality, that work, and are functional,” she says. ‘We are implementing all the necessary steps to increase our visibility with retail buyers. We are now found nationwide and we’re working on expanding globally. Get ready for world take over!”

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