Being a supplier on RangeMe opens the door to exciting retail opportunities where a supplier can showcase their products to some of the most popular retailers in the industry. Read on to learn more about how one of these opportunities on RangeMe brought a number of talented suppliers to the headquarters (and possibly soon onto the shelves) of the largest retailers in the world– Walmart.

Walmart is leading the American renewal through its commitment to purchase an additional $250 billion in products made, sourced, or grown in the U.S. by 2023. By investing in products that support U.S. jobs, Walmart can play a role in accelerating growth in U.S. manufacturing, which is why this year, Walmart turned to RangeMe to manage the submission process for its 2019 Open Call for U.S. manufacturers. 

In June, over 575 entrepreneurs were invited to Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas to meet face-to-face with Walmart buyers looking for U.S. made products for their stores and website. Check out a few of the RangeMe suppliers who were invited to the Walmart headquarters:

1. Love Handle

Product Category: Phone Accessory, Phone Grip

This Texas-based father and son team of Mike and Dave Watts founded LoveHandle, a company that offers high-quality and comfortable smartphone grips and accessories. LoveHandle is dedicated to manufacturing their products 100% in the USA and now employs over 30 full-time team members at its headquarters just south of Houston, TX.

Experience: “Our team treats the LoveHandle RangeMe profile as command central for our retail partner marketing and acquisition efforts. Since becoming a premium member, we’ve been able to submit our company and samples to multiple retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Petsmart, CVS, and many more key accounts. Our presence on RangeMe directly led to our selection by Walmart for their Open Call event. The amazing support and powerful tools provided by RangeMe has become essential for our success. From the comprehensive training and detailed webinars to the individual support from their staff, RangeMe is a key part of our ongoing market acquisition strategy.” – Mike Watts, Love Handle

2. Sweety Ice Cream

Product Category: Food, Ice Cream

Sweety Ice Cream is a family-owned and operated business, their mochi ice cream is a traditional Japanese treat with a Golden State twist. Each batch of mochi is made with creamy, deeply-flavorful ice creams then bundled up into soft, perfectly chewy rice dough. “We believe in simple ingredients and we never cut corners.” – Stacey Lee, Sweety Novelty, Inc.

Experience: “Our experience with RangeMe has been great. It has opened great opportunities for us, including Walmart. It was exciting to be surrounded by so many other supportive American businesses at the Open Call.” – Stacey Lee, Sweety Novelty, Inc.

3. Easy Foods, Inc.

Product Category: Food, Tortillas

Easy Foods is a family-owned, authentic tortilla manufacturer based out of Kissimmee, Florida that specializes in corn and flour tortillas, Vedgee wraps, and tortilla chips. This Kosher certified brand offers branded as well as private label items in both retail and foodservice. 

Experience: “We were chosen to attend Walmart Open Call and brought our Vedgee Wraps and corn tortillas to the scheduled buyer meetings! All of this transpired by utilizing the RangeMe platform and for this, we are super grateful for RangeMe!” – Katherine, Easy Foods, Inc. 

4. Cahas Mountain Charcoal

Product Category: Charcoal, Grill

Cahas Mountain Charcoal is a USA brand that manufactures 100% All Natural Lump Charcoal using responsibly sourced hardwoods. “Our brand is focused on the belief that hard work with hard-working people creates a great product.” – Nick Gresock, Cahas Mountain Charcoal

Experience: “We’re thankful for RangeMe and the opportunity they provide small businesses like ours to get in front of buyers from major retailers like Walmart, who we may have never been able to connect with on our own. The RangeMe team took the time to make sure our brand profile was complete and looked attractive to Walmart buyers as well as giving us access to tools that can be implemented across our entire digital business strategy.” – Nick Gresock, Cahas Mountain Charcoal

5. Real Ketones

Product Category: Supplements, Health, Diet

Real Ketones offers a full array of products that deliver bio-identical ketones to your system for energy in thirty-minutes despite what you eat. 

Experience: “RangeMe has been awesome, we are highly visible amongst retail buyers and the platform is very user-friendly. My highlight from Open Call was rapping my pitch in front of the entire crowd.” – Paul Peach, Real Ketones.

These were just a few of the many suppliers on RangeMe that were personally invited to attend Walmart’s Open Call 2019 for U.S. manufactured products. RangeMe has a number of exclusive opportunities with various retailers in the works. Stay tuned!

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