What started out as a passion project in his tiny bedroom-turned-R&D-lab, Orgaid, created by Dr. Ian Baek, PhD, is the first manufactured organic sheet mask in the United States. This innovative RangeMe Verified™ brand is already making waves throughout the beauty and wellness community. Learn how ORGAID has leveraged RangeMe to increase their momentum and land four different retailers.

The Science of Beauty

Originally from South Korea, Dr. Ian Baek came to the United States to study how to deliver therapeutic effects to the ORGAID Sheet Maskshuman body using diverse biomaterial systems. Skincare products — sheet masks in particular — were extremely popular in his native South Korea, but Baek noticed that most were full of chemicals and preservatives that were harmful to the body.

“Research has led me to learn more how the human body’s systems are affected, and how ingredients affect the skin,” Baek says. What’s more, he notes, “The quality of sheet masks didn’t meet American consumers’ needs or standards.”

Breaking New Ground

While sheet masks are very popular in many Asian countries, Baek found that not a lot of American consumers were familiar with the product, and there were virtually no manufacturers in the country. This finding was one of the main reasons he Dr. Ian Baek, PhD, CEO and Founder of ORGAIDfounded ORGAID. The second reason being that while there were plenty of organic skincare products on the market, few brands understood the performance aspect — how the ingredients would work with and throughout the skin. ORGAID’s sheet masks are composed of USDA certified organic ingredients and the patented Ecoderma fabric, to promote the best absorption of product to deeply penetrate the skin’s pores.

“I wanted to make something that performed well with the skin and was organic,” Baek says.

That’s what set ORGAID products apart from others when Baek exhibited at trade shows. With zero dollars in funding, getting the word out about his revolutionary products was tough. For the retailers ORGAID couldn’t reach at trade shows, Baek’s team worked on becoming the top search result for organic and natural sheet masks.

Next Level

Once Baek came across RangeMe, the activity and interest in his products ramped up to the next level. Within weeks of uploading ORGAID products to the platform, he had sample requests from four different retailers, Meijer, Cambridge Naturals, Mother Earth Foods, and Organic Market. ORGAID Organic Sheet Mask

All buyers were enthusiastic about Orgaid which resulted in new partnerships with each retailer — Meijer being the largest opportunity, rolling out his products in 230 of their stores.

Growth for Baek and ORGAID has been swift — their first product launched in 2015 — and they kicked off 2018 by attending ECRM’s CVS Health Supplier Review session and moving into a larger manufacturing facility to support increased production and roll out of new products. Nothing is slowing ORGAID down — this is a brand set to change what high-end performance and natural skincare means to the beauty community and beyond.

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