Peanut butter and jelly. Pen and paper. RangeMe Services and Suppliers. Some things are meant to work together. There are many steps to bring a product to market, and it can be daunting for a supplier to figure out how and what is needed to get their product into retail stores. Business and product insurance are one of those needs.

It’s common for suppliers to not know where to begin when it comes to choosing the right insurance provider– let alone any business service provider– and that’s why we launched RangeMe Services. RangeMe partners with the best experts in CPG insurance to help suppliers complete all the necessary steps to get retail ready. Read on to learn firsthand how a supplier, Mahina Cup, connected with insurance provider Bunker on RangeMe Services.

Insurance on the mind

During her time backpacking through India, Mahina Cup founder Alila Grace became starkly aware of the limited access women had to proper menstrual products and how the menstrual products they did have were polluting the country.

As a frequent backpacker, Grace chose to use a menstrual cup because it was easy, sustainable, safe, and a single cup lasted 10 years. The idea for the Mahina Cup was born and Grace worked closely with local Indian women to make bags for the menstrual cups which she sold to other tourists. She also took the time to educate women about their health along the way. Her business moved forward at a casual pace until she put her roots down in Hawaii where she went full steam ahead to bring her product to retail.

The business grew steadily through local sales in Hawaii–until Grace learned about RangeMe, and discovered how it could help boost her business to the next level. She signed up immediately and hasn’t looked back.

“RangeMe has allowed our brand to connect with retailers who are excited to carry something that is local, eco-friendly, and mission-based,” Grace says.

Mahina Cup’s growth expanded quickly, and RangeMe has provided assistance through the process. As a smaller brand, Grace found it nerve-wracking to work with larger service companies. She wanted advice and answers when she had big questions and decisions looming, like who to turn to for insurance, but she wasn’t getting the responses she needed–until RangeMe Services came into play.  

Move over Google Search

In order to get her brand RangeMe Verified, which would show bigger retailers her brand was retail ready, Grace knew Mahina Cup needed insurance. So she began her search for the right insurance provider on RangeMe Services.

“The reason I used RangeMe Services was that it was easy and right there. I didn’t have to do a Google search and research on my own, I just did a RangeMe search,” Grace explains. “I trust RangeMe and know that they are pulling in the best of the best for their suppliers.”

After reaching out to several insurance providers, Grace decided to go with an online insurance broker, Bunker, for multiple reasons. Of the different insurance groups she spoke to, she knew  Bunker was a good fit from the start, as the company specializes in small businesses and helps suppliers with the coverage they need for their next retail contract.

“Once I decided to go with Bunker, they were awesome. They facilitated a connection with a national insurance company and they were always available and responsive.  It’s the personal connection that makes the difference,” Grace says. “I like to feel like if I have questions about insurance, I know where to go now, instead of being sent to a 20-page FAQ.”

“Insurance is an important part of every business relationship, but it can be confusing and intimidating for small businesses to navigate on their own,” said Bunker CEO and Co-Founder, Chad Nitschke. “We try to make the insurance process as comfortable as possible so that people like Alila Grace can focus on building a business that will change the world, and know that we’ll keep it protected.”

With the search for an insurance company behind her, Grace is confident in making the needed decisions to move her company forward, and continue its growth. She’s even utilized RangeMe Services to find a shipping provider to get Mahina Cup where it needs to go. While this process can be intimidating for suppliers, knowing she has the right support systems in place allows Grace the peace of mind to focus on making Mahina Cup the best it can be.  

RangeMe Services is here to help our suppliers reach their goals of getting ready for retail. Explore Service Providers on RangeMe Services here.

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