In today’s retail environment, where your product comes from can be essential to its success. We don’t mean just ingredient source, but rather the origin of the company; the impetus for your creation. When consumers encounter your product, they’re not just looking at the contents or the packaging—they’re engaging in the overall experience of the product, from how it tastes or smells to how it makes them feel.

Your brand story is what drives that experience. And now more than ever, retail buyers want to know the brand story when deciding to bring on a new product. That’s why RangeMe is excited to announce a new feature that allows you to bring your brand story to life while showcasing your products: Brand Pages.

Starting November 15, all retail buyers on RangeMe will have the capability to discover your brand and products listed on your brand page. Continue reading to learn what you can do with your Brand Page and how to get set up to be the first to tell your story to buyers.

Brand Pages is your new dashboard

Brand Pages offers a new place to manage products both individually and as an entire brand. Rather than viewing products on a dashboard, on every brand page you can easily view your performance analytics, make changes to products, and quickly add or remove products.

Brand Pages’ Features

  • First Impressions
    Brand Pages offers you the chance to showcase your products with customized pages that fit your brand’s look and feel, which is essential for capturing a buyer’s attention. Start with the cover image—it’s the first thing a buyer will see, and their first impression of your page. Follow that up with your logo, the ideal representation of your brand, and cap it off with a tagline.
  • Adding Flavor
    Provide a description about your brand so buyers can learn more when their interest is piqued. This is your chance to highlight your product’s features and showcase your brand story. You can also embed a video that will bring your products to life for buyers, and help them see firsthand how the product can be used or how the product fits into a retailer’s store and consumer lives.
  • Product Displays
    Brand Pages also provide an opportunity to showcase full product lines. Products can be displayed side-by-side for comparison between sizes, flavors and packaging. They can easily be reordered on the page so they can be displayed in exactly the order you deem best. You can also choose the cover product for your brand card, which will be shown to buyers when they choose the discover by brand option.
  • Going Social
    Linking to social media platforms can further engage buyers. Now you can show your brand’s following with a live Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts appearing on your brand page.

Getting Started

Setting up a Brand Page is quick and easy when you follow these steps. To get started, you need only an approved product on RangeMe, a logo, and a cover image that is 1600 by 400 pixels (you’ll be able to adjust the size if you don’t have an image with these exact dimensions).

Then add more information such as your brand description, social media accounts, and full product line so when buyers view your page they get a complete picture of your brand, not just a portion of it.

Moving Forward with Brand Pages

We’re excited to see how suppliers on RangeMe will use the new Brand Pages to tell their story. It’s another way we are able to support suppliers on their journey to getting discovered, while engaging buyers along the way.

Login to your RangeMe account to get started so you can be the first to tell your brand story to buyers.


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