Founded in 2002, Wiltronic Corporation has established itself as a leader in affordable consumer electronics and smart home products. The company’s Iview brand offers a wide variety of consumer electronics and connected smart home products where both categories feature easy-to-use formats. Franklin Lujan, Director of Business Development and Digital Marketing, joined the Iview team nearly two years ago to help take the business to the next level and increase the brand’s popularity among retailers. With RangeMe, Lujan was able to market Iview to more retail buyers in combination with attending ECRM Programs. Read on to see how Iview scored purchase orders with PriceSmart and Fisher Hawaii, and are loading up their pipeline with more retailer potential. 

Be smart with your technology

Iview was created to provide consumers with entry-level electronics that are not only priced favorably but are positioned for their customers to find more useful products in their line-card. They offer a variety of 30 simple-to-use smart devices from tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smart light bulbs, robot vacuums, security camera kits, 3D-copy printers, and even an interactive 3D language game for kids. Iview’s products are all created not only with ease of use in mind but also ease of household management. 

Increasing popularity with RangeMe

When Lujan joined the Iview team, he had big goals to “make Iview more popular amongst retailers and consumers,” he explains. So when he discovered RangeMe in the summer of 2018, he instantly saw the opportunities Iview could unlock by creating a profile to share with buyers on the platform. After six months of being on RangeMe, Iview received a message and sample request from a buyer.

Lujan touted the benefits of RangeMe to Iview’s owner and encouraged the team to explore what ECRM could offer the company as well since they were proactive users of the platform. They were able to attend their first ECRM Housewares, Hardware, and General Merchandise Program in Chicago, IL last year where they made dozens of buyer connections with retailers like Fisher Hawaii, The North West Company, Albertson’s, Brandsmart, Amerimark Direct, Convenience Valet, CVS, Sharper Image, and True Value. 

Success on RangeMe

After the ECRM Program, Lujan quickly upgraded Iview to RangeMe Premium and got RangeMe Verified, and since then, the leads have poured in. Lujan also leveraged his time at the ECRM Program, following up on a connection he’d made there with a buyer from Fisher Hawaii, an established distributor in the U.S. And a few days after the Program, Iview received a message and sample request on RangeMe portal from Fisher Hawaii. This connection resulted in a purchase order a few months later. 

Another buyer, from PriceSmart this time, reached out to Iview on RangeMe. With $5 billion in business and dominating a huge portion of the Central America Market, PriceSmart would be a huge accomplishment for Lujan and the Iview team. And once Iview became RangeMe verified, engagement Lujan and the PriceSmart buyer increased significantly, culminating in a significant purchase order.  

“It’s nice knowing that retail buyers are on RangeMe,” says Lujan. “It gives us more validation knowing a variety of buyers are actually using RangeMe and have the opportunity to view our Brand Card.”

It’s all about your strategy

Lujan shared that before unlocking RangeMe Premium features, he unable to see who was checking Iview out. Now, Lujan spends time observing who has been watching their brand so they can strategically communicate interest on their social channels like LinkedIn. 

“We had success as a Free Supplier, but we are having even more success as a Verified RangeMe Premium Supplier,” shares Lujan. 

“Your average buyer is changing,” Lujan continues. “The decision process of bringing a product into stores is changing. These buyers are using social media to observe brands, so you need to be trendy and proactive in taking what makes your brand unique and promoting it outwardly. Use your social media in combination with who is viewing your brand.”

Despite frequent and fast changes in the industry, Lujan is confident that Iview won’t have trouble keeping up, thanks to RangeMe. He knows that by leveraging the Premium features on RangeMe, Iview will stay at the top of buyers’ minds and that through the platform they will be able to strengthen their retailer partnerships.

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