Founded in 2017, Rael was created with the purpose of empowering women with healthy alternatives to conventional feminine care products. The three women founders, Aness An, a bestselling author; Binna Won, an architect; and Yanghee Paik, a former movie distributor at The Walt Disney Studios, started Rael out of frustration of the existing toxic-filled period care products on the market. Since launching Rael, they have become a best-selling feminine care brand on Amazon, have been picked up by Target, and are launching a full skin care line that women can use throughout their period cycle. Rael is growing quickly and is utilizing RangeMe as an efficient and turnkey resource to get in front of buyers.

Revamping feminine care

Rael Founders

Today, women are becoming increasingly aware and cautious of what could be affecting their health, especially when it comes to feminine care products. Mary Jo Rizvi, VP of Sales at Rael, says that “feminine care products in the U.S. are subpar to those found in South Korea.  Korean-American women are known to pack up their suitcases with feminine care products when traveling back and bringing them home to the U.S. because the products there are so much better.” 

An, Won, and Paik saw an opportunity to create better-for-you feminine care products. Using the best technology and innovation from South Korea coupled with organic cotton sourced from Texas, they created a period product that is not only good for you in terms of ingredients but that actually performs well. Rael now has an expanded product line including pads, liners, and tampons which are all made from 100% organic cotton, natural ingredients, and sustainable materials. They’ve even broken into the beauty space with their line of sheet masks and acne patches.

A turnkey experience with RangeMe

Rael Acne Family

As Rael grows swiftly, they’re doubling their momentum with the help of RangeMe. 

“RangeMe’s product submission process is turnkey. It supplements the sales outreach and pitching we normally have to do while also providing buyers a one-stop-shop to view our products, pricing, and everything else they need to know about our offering,” Rizvi shares. “We feel confident knowing that RangeMe offers buyers a standardized and visually appealing way to review our brand and product offering”.

Listen up: Period beauty is coming

With Rael’s RangeMe profile up and running and the success of their first line behind them, the team was able to double down and design their next phase of period beauty innovation: a full skin care regimen that women can use to alleviate skin issues that occur as a result of that time of the month.

Rael Face Masks

“We’re a company that’s all about women empowerment and dedicated to improving women’s lives by providing holistic feminine care. We’re expanding the definition of feminine care and tackling the taboo topic of periods with a whole line that revolves around period care and period beauty” Rizvi says. 

What lies ahead

For the remainder of this year, Rael is focused on expanding its retail connections and product line using RangeMe. They’re receiving a lot of views and messages from a mix of big and small-medium retailers that they may have not had the chance to get in front of before. Using RangeMe is allowing them to effortlessly share the magic of Rael with buyers.  

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