Carly Broderick

Carly Broderick is a 20 year CPG veteran with a passion for growing brands. Carly has held various roles in Fortune 50 mass retail, children’s licensing for a major entertainment studio, and led experiential marketing for a diverse client list. Carly’s expertise in Beauty, Toys and Sporting Goods has been key in creating solutions to increase consumer experience across store and digital channels in volatile and seasonally sensitive businesses.

Two-Way Street: The Buyer’s Mindset (Part 2)

As a supplier with a new product, you have got to be a partner to your buyer. There are no one-way streets--you don’t stop the work once your product is picked up.

/ January 14, 2016

Bigger, Better, Now: The Buyer’s Mindset (Part 1)

As a supplier, can you put yourself in the buyer’s mindset? Can you give yourself a new perspective on your creation?

/ December 21, 2015