What’s Next for E-Commerce? Why Brands and Retailers Need to Rethink Their Strategy

The pandemic propelled e-commerce activity faster than the industry imagined, making a viable e-commerce strategy indispensable for brands and retailers. But what is the future of e-commerce? How will the economic downturn impact it?

During this panel discussion, industry experts from Walgreens, Allume Group, Market Performance Group, and Omnicom Commerce Group give the inside scoop on today’s e-commerce landscape and where opportunities lie in the future for businesses in the CPG retail industry.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding today’s e-commerce mindset
  • Where e-commerce is heading
  • Best practices and strategies for driving e-commerce sales
  • How and why you need to think digital first

Who you’ll hear from:

  • Andrea K. Leigh, Founder & CEO, Allume Group
  • Bryan Gildenberg, SVP of Commerce, Omnicom Commerce Group
  • Janae Pasquinelli, Senior Director, Digital Merchandising, Walgreens
  • Rachel Tetreault, Executive Vice President, eCommerce & Omnichannel, Market Performance Group