Top Retail Executives Share How Supplier Diversity is Shaping Retail

Supplier diversity has been a growing initiative with retailers and of the utmost importance for many consumers, but it’s only been a few years since the phrase “supplier diversity” became part of the retail industry’s everyday vocabulary.

Tune in to hear top retail executives from Dollar General, Meijer, and Walgreens share their take on diversity and inclusivity in the retail industry and how their companies are prioritizing diverse-owned brands in 2023 and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

  • What supplier diversity and inclusion efforts exist in retail
  • What suppliers should know about these initiatives to be successful
  • Processes and resources available to diverse suppliers

Who you’ll hear from:

  • Antoine Hinton - Director of Supplier Diversity, Dollar General Corporation
  • Carla Hendon - Director of Supplier Diversity & Indirect Procurement, Meijer
  • Anthony Billinger - Director of Supplier Diversity, Walgreens