Tap Into Kosher: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Kosher Certified

Join us as we continue our exclusive education opportunities to learn directly from industry leading certification providers about the who, what, and why of getting certified.

Growth in sales of Kosher products is increasing by the day. According to the Mintel State of Kosher, over 12 million American consumers choose Kosher products for a number of reasons related to religion, health, food safety, taste, and more. And they know a product is Kosher certified by looking for a specific symbol on a products’ packaging.

Join us on May 12th @ 11 AM PST | 2 PM EST as we sit down with KSA Kosher, the largest recognized and accepted Kosher certification agency in the Western United States. They will discuss the opportunities Kosher-certified brands get such as reaching millions of new consumers from around the world, and how to get your products certified by their organization.

What you will learn:

  • What Kosher means to your brand and how to get certified
  • Eye-opening Kosher statistics in the CPG industry
  • Does a Rabbi actually “bless” my plant?
  • The global impact of KSA


  • Rabbi Yechezkal Auerbach, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator, KSA Kosher
  • Brandon Leong, SVP of Marketing & Growth, RangeMe