Pitch Perfect: The Four Steps To Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Watch this 20-minute training by Food Biz Wiz Founder & Wholesale Consultant, Alli Ball, and learn her four steps to a successful wholesale pitch, based on her 15+ years of experience sitting in on tens of thousands of sales pitches. Learn exactly what that buyer wants to hear, the REAL reason why they pass on your product line, and what to do instead. Before you go to another sales pitch or submit for your next category review, tune in to increase your chances of getting that buyer to say "yes!"

About Alli Ball:

Alli Ball is the founder & CEO of Food Biz Wiz and the creator of Retail Ready®, an online program providing strategic support, curated curriculum, and values-aligned community for producers of packaged products in the food industry. As a former grocery buyer-turned-wholesale consultant, Alli has helped thousands of emerging brands understand what it takes to get on the shelf and have high sales once you’re there. Find her on her website here or on the Food Biz Wiz® her award-winning podcast about wholesale strategy.