Global Insights: How to Get Discovered by U.K. Retailers

Ready to launch your brand in the United Kingdom? RangeMe is working with top retailers in the U.K. like Tesco, Asda, and LloydsPharmacy–but how can you stand out to their buyers? Whether the U.K. market is familiar territory or completely new, we’re teaming up with Bridgethorne to give you a deep dive on understanding the United Kingdom’s marketplace, retailers, and how your brand can start selling products in new countries.

What you’ll learn:

  • United Kingdom retail market overview
  • Snapshots of top U.K. retailers, their market share and key strategic initiatives
  • Understanding U.K. shopper loyalty and how to drive it
  • Growth categories, marketing insights, and available data sources
  • Tips for selling products into U.K. retail

Who you'll hear from:

  • Andrew Cole, Founder and Joint MD of Bridgethorne Ltd
  • Sean McCurley, Retail Specialist, Bridgethorne Ltd