Creating a “Retail Ready” Digital Presence Workshop

Your digital presence is important for direct-to-consumer sales, but it's equally important for enticing buyers looking to put products on the shelf. Whether it's your RangeMe profile, website, or LinkedIn posts, graphics and copy are critical to show buyers you are ready to crush it in retail.

In this workshop presentation, Emily Page, CEO of brand and packaging design agency Pearl Resourcing, takes you through six key steps that ensure your digital presence grabs buyers’ attention and drives them to action.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where and how buyers research your business online
  • Questions buyers are trying to answer when researching your company online
  • How branding, content, social media, and graphics build credibility with buyers
  • The essential components of “Retail Ready” branding, including product photography and packaging mockups that blow buyers away

About Emily Anne Page

Emily Anne Page is a CPG product development and packaging expert who has helped launch and grow the sales of hundreds of brands in e-commerce, Amazon, and at retail. She is a business growth strategist for CPG businesses ( specializing in sales, profit and process. She also owns Pearl Resourcing, a brand and packaging design agency that helps brands implement the best strategies for online and retail sales success.