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Showcase your product to thousands of buyers

Reach the right buyer, at the right time

No more cold calling. Upload your product details and buyers looking for what you offer get an instant alert. It takes the guesswork out of category review timings, and lets your product speak for itself.

Dare to dream big – go global.

Buyers all over the world are discovering the power of RangeMe, giving you the chance to open up new international markets for your product.

One simple proposal is all it takes

The right info for buyers

Buyers are very busy people. Maximize your chances of success by being as detailed as possible. Our patent-pending technology then matches the right products to the right buyers, saving everyone time.

Just fill in our form

Tell us about your product, upload some images and you’re done. That’s all it takes to get your lines in front of hundreds of potential buyers.

Ready for anything

Update products in a flash

Whether it’s a new formula, or a packaging refresh, update your listing with all the latest information and we’ll alert relevant buyers to the changes.

You’re always in the running

Your listing is live 24/7, so whenever buyers are looking for products like yours, you’re in with a shot.

See how you’re doing

Know when you’re getting noticed

Your supplier dashboard gives you one handy place to track and monitor all buyer activity. See how many buyers are checking you out and when you’ve been added to watchlists.

Valuable feedback and insights

We’ll be sharing valuable aggregated data with you, helping you benchmark your offering against your category peers and become more competitive.